Emily Belz

Emily is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in New York City. Follow Emily on Twitter @emlybelz.

Aggie Kenny via AP

Wheels of justice

New York | Following the Jeffrey Epstein case—now on hold until next summer—in a Manhattan courtroom
by Emily Belz & Esther Eaton
Posted 8/07/19, 11:47 am

Today’s New York moment is courtesy of WORLD New York summer intern Esther Eaton.

Although it’s a case that’s been dominating New York conversations, the unfolding legal drama of wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein might be on hold for a few months or a year. On Wednesday morning of last week, press, clerks, and private citizens filled a lower Manhattan courtroom for his status hearing.

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Photo courtesy of KCON USA

Crazy for K-pop

Music | A Korean pop culture wave has spread around the world, and now young Americans are swooning to the music
by Emily Belz
Posted 8/01/19, 03:26 pm

As fans awaited the beginning of a Korean pop concert on a summer night at Madison Square Garden, concert promoters played a video on proper etiquette. Screaming or jumping around too much, it warned, could ruin the show for others.

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Bebeto Matthews/AP

Sleepers on the subway

Drug Abuse | In a crowded, busy city with a drug problem, it’s important to notice that person slumped on the floor
by Emily Belz
Posted 8/01/19, 10:38 am

A New York moment: 

For the last few years, I’ve been covering the opioid crisis, which now is more properly called the drug crisis because it encompasses substances from fentanyl to benzodiazepines. Ads in the New York City subway now describe the ways to recognize an overdose: pupils are dilated, skin is bluish, or the person is unconscious or has shallow breathing or makes gurgling sounds. If you can make it to the person with a spray of the overdose reversal drug Narcan (naloxone), you may save a life. 

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