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Deaths of 2017

Obituaries | Notable deaths, remarkable lives
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 12/14/17, 12:19 am

Roger Ailes

77 / May 18 / Former cable news executive and aide to President Richard Nixon, he founded Fox News in 1996, led it to ratings success (surpassing CNN), and saw it become a major influence in American conservatism. Thrice married, he resigned in 2016 amid a sex abuse scandal and died following an injurious fall.

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Still from ISIS video/AP


2015 News of the Year
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 12/22/15, 01:00 am

Members of an Islamic State affiliate walk (and later behead) captured Ethiopian Christians along a beach in Libya.

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz

90 / Jan. 22 / Sixth and most reform-minded king of Saudi Arabia so far, a U.S. Sunni ally who cracked down on extremism and encouraged interfaith tolerance by example but kept the lid on religious freedom and maintained the royal family’s power and strict political control.

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2014 News Of The Year
by Edward E. Plowman
Posted 12/19/14, 01:00 am

Edmund Abel

April 2 | 92 | Contract engineer who designed the Mr. Coffee drip brewing machine launched in 1972.

Fouad Ajami

June 22 | 68 | Middle East scholar and director of the Middle East Studies program at Johns Hopkins, the Lebanese-American of Shiite descent for 27 years wrote commentary for The Wall Street Journal, supported war in Iraq but became a critic of its Shiite-led government.

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