David L. Bahnsen

David is the chief investment officer of The Bahnsen Group of HighTower Advisors in Newport Beach, Calif.

A crisis observed

2011 Books Issue | Authors reflect on the causes of the meltdown of 2008
by David L. Bahnsen
Posted 6/17/11, 05:09 am

Victors get to write the history books, but the 2008 financial crisis did not leave many people able to claim the title. Besides the Great Depression, the events of 2008 were the most dramatic economic events in the last 100 years. As the markets began to stabilize in 2009, many authors began seeking to explain the causes of the crisis, or remedies to prevent another one. After reading and reviewing most of the credible books on this subject, I think five warrant special consideration:

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Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg/Getty Images

A wild financial ride

2010 Preview | Five big trends will be important indicators as the United States struggles to emerge from recession in a momentous mid-term election year
by David L. Bahnsen
Posted 12/31/09, 04:39 am

The way things unfold for the economy in 2010 has larger implications than normal, with the United States going into a mid-term election year that may turn on economic issues. Investors in particular are more curious than they otherwise would be, as it is not too often that we experience the kind of dramatic volatility we have seen in the preceding two-year period (2008 was one of the worst years in history for the stock market; 2009 was one of the best). The following five areas will be the most important to watch:

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Associated Press / Rich Pedronecci

Budget buster

Government | The high cost of education is behind California crisis
by David L. Bahnsen
Posted 7/31/09, 08:56 am

The basic facts of California's budget fiasco are mostly well-known: The state has a $26 billion budget deficit, and the revenue-raising ballot initiatives that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state's left-wing legislature sent to the voters were soundly defeated in May.

Those initiatives would have raised taxes by $16 billion over four years in a state that already boasts a top income tax rate of 10.3 percent, the highest in the nation.

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