David Aikman

2000: Dot-bomb

by David Aikman
Posted 12/30/00, 12:00 am

First came the crash of e-commerce speculation, complete with layoffs, stock crashes, and capital losses. The mascot of this decline was Sock Puppet, the creation of Pets.com, a startup that advertised during the Super Bowl in January and closed down in November.

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Nefarious Napsters?

National | Online directories panic the music industry, e-tailers go broke, and other technology news
by David Aikman
Posted 4/29/00, 12:00 am

Online racketeering?

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Video Rentals

Culture | The top 5 videos in popularity as measured by rental receipts for the week ended Feb. 20
by David Aikman
Posted 3/11/00, 12:00 am
Blue Streak

$8.44 million

2 weeks in release

$20.16 million to date

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