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Associated Press/Photo by Jeremy Papasso/The Daily Camera

Unborn baby's murder boosts calls for fetal homicide bill in Colorado

by Courtney Crandell
Posted 3/20/15, 04:35 pm

A 7-month-old, unborn baby girl died earlier this week in Longmont, Colo., after she was brutally ripped from her mother’s womb by a woman who apparently wanted a child of her own. The case has boosted the cry for a fetal homicide law in the state and added to the debate about the humanity of the unborn.

The baby’s 26-year-old mother went to Dynel Catrece Lane’s home in response to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. Lane, 34, is accused of attacking the woman—stabbing her and cutting the baby out of her womb.

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Courtesy of the Allison family

Parents vs. doctors

Medicine | In the treatment of children with severe genetic disabilities, the interests and opinions of parents and doctors aren’t always the same—and hospital futility policies may become the flash point of the fight
by Courtney Crandell
Posted 3/20/15, 01:00 am

When doctors diagnosed Abigail Allison with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome in 2004, they said she wouldn’t live beyond two years. They told parents Rex and Dawn to take Abigail home with hospice care. Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, caused by deleted genetic material associated with the fourth chromosome, affects 1 in 50,000 infants and causes delayed growth and intellectual development as well as seizures. About one-third of those who have it die within two years after birth, depending on the severity of the disorder.

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Associated Press/Photo by Juan Carlos Llorca

New Mexico Dems kill state's first abortion restrictions

by Courtney Crandell
Posted 3/19/15, 11:42 am

A New Mexico Senate committee killed two pro-life bills Sunday that would have aligned the state with 42 others that currently limit abortion in some way. 

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