Charles Horton, M.D.

Charles Horton is a graduate of the WJI mid-career course and is WORLD’s medical correspondent

Well-versed tunes

Music | Christian parody band puts Biblical message into familiar songs
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 4/12/18, 08:39 am

Only one band’s music has played on both The 700 Club and The Howard Stern Show: ApologetiX, “That Christian Parody Band.” Lead singer J. Jackson—his full first name is known only to his family—has rewritten everything from Elvis and the Beatles to Linkin Park and Eminem. He describes the results as “a cross between Weird Al [Yankovic] and Billy Graham,” but he didn’t set out with that goal: He wrote his first parodies to entertain high-school friends at parties, getting the idea of rewriting songs from a bully who’d done it to tease him.

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Physicians in white

Medicine | What happens when old doctors’ skills fade, fade away?
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 1/17/18, 07:16 pm

A new law will allow Japan’s Emperor Akihito, who would otherwise have had to serve for life, to abdicate; he plans to step down in 2019 at the age of 85. This extreme approach to tenure contrasts with America’s federal judges: Firing one would take a (literal) act of Congress, but they’re free to leave whenever they choose.

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Complicit in killing

Medicine | Let’s encourage pharmaceutical companies to cut off the flow of abortion drugs
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 12/13/17, 10:48 pm

Florida recently performed the first U.S. execution involving an anesthetic called etomidate. The execution prompted a rebuke from the company that invented the drug: Janssen Pharmaceuticals (now part of Johnson and Johnson) is not currently among the drug’s eight producers, but stated, “We do not support the use of our medicines for indications that have not been approved by regulatory authorities.”

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