Charles Horton, M.D.

Charles Horton is a graduate of the WJI mid-career course and is WORLD’s medical correspondent

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Long shots, moonshots, and your shots

Medicine | Checking in on the global effort to create a COVID-19 vaccine
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 7/07/20, 09:53 am

In the race to defeat the coronavirus, the finish line is the mass production of a safe, effective vaccine.

Just as Jonas Salk’s vaccine helped transform polio from feared menace to historical curiosity in most countries, a good vaccine against today’s coronavirus would restore the world’s confidence, both socially (potlucks! concerts! sports!) and economically. So where does the vaccine race stand now?

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Success with a steroid

Medicine | Finally, a cheap, effective, and uncontroversial COVID-19 treatment
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 6/19/20, 03:15 pm

In March, a study in Wuhan, China, suggested that coronavirus patients might benefit from a potent steroid called methylprednisolone.

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Troubling retractions

Medicine | Peer review failures by top science journals may undermine trust in medical science
by Charles Horton, M.D.
Posted 6/05/20, 12:37 pm

The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine—among the world’s most prestigious science journals—each retracted a headlining study about COVID-19 on Thursday. The implications extend beyond those journals, though, and threaten to erode public trust in medical research at a time when it is most needed.

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