Charissa Koh

Charissa is a reporter for WORLD.

Associated Press/Photo by Jacquelyn Martin

Food stamp reform?

Compassion | USDA proposal would more narrowly enforce work requirements for SNAP benefits
by Charissa Koh
Posted 1/02/19, 09:14 pm

The United States Department of Agriculture proposed a rule last month to make states enforce work requirements in their food stamps programs, after similar changes were dropped from the farm bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ramon Espinosa

Helping without hurting

Compassion | Lawmakers struggled this year to find compassionate solutions to illegal immigration, opioid abuse, homelessness, and more
by Charissa Koh
Posted 12/26/18, 12:35 pm

This year the immigration debate took center stage in the United States. Stories flooded the news media all year describing scenes of children being separated from parents and migrants being taken to detention. President Donald Trump’s strong rhetoric inflamed the already emotional issue. The U.S. government enacted policies designed to show compassion to prisoners, opioid addicts, and sex trafficking victims. Several state governments changed their laws to try to help panhandlers and homeless people.

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More than walls and a roof

Compassion | A tiny house community works to provide long-term stability for the homeless
by Charissa Koh
Posted 12/19/18, 03:26 pm

AUSTIN, Texas—Alan Graham started the Community First! Village in Austin, Texas, three years ago as a Christian alternative to the Housing First model. Housing First, a strategy widely used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, provides housing to the homeless before addressing problems like drug addiction or mental illness. Research suggests the rapid rehousing strategy does not lead to long-term housing security, but that hasn’t stopped the federal government from spending hundreds of millions of dollars on it.

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