Casey Luskin

Casey coordinates research at the Discovery Institute.


Part 2: What's the matter with evolution?

Science | Five more scientific problems found in evolutionary theory
by Casey Luskin
Posted 5/02/15, 08:00 am

In a chapter of More Than Myth: Seeking the Full Truth About Genesis, Creation and Evolution (The Chartwell Press, 2014), Casey Luskin points out 10 problems in evolutionary theory. We ran his writing about the first five last Saturday, and here is the second quintet (plus a bonus problem).

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Part 1: What's the matter with evolution?

Science | A ranking of the top five scientific problems found in evolutionary theory
by Casey Luskin
Posted 4/25/15, 09:32 am

Many reporters for decades have portrayed the evolution vs. creation debate as a battle of science vs. religion. With journalistic complicity, evolution backers have produced not only a chilling effect on debate within scientific ranks but a modern ice age, with anyone who dares to debunk Darwinism frozen out of most scientific employment and publishing opportunities. 

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Troubling trends

Back to School | Some public schools continue their slide into transgender politics, Darwinian groupthink, and hostility to Christianity
by Elise Grafe, Angela Lu Fulton, Casey Luskin & Leigh Jones
Posted 8/23/13, 12:00 am

Propaganda trumps teaching

by Elise Grafe in Atlanta

At this July’s National Education Association (NEA) annual convention in Atlanta, T-shirt clad teachers pushed advocacy and debated lunch options. Explicit rap music blasted over speakers, and attendees waited in line for a chance to enter a giant game-show plastic tube with dollar bills blowing around inside. Union leaders dressed in suits led campaign chants while waving posters printed with pictures of themselves. 

But no one talked much about teaching.

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