Cal Thomas

Cal contributes weekly commentary to WORLD Radio. Over the last five decades, he worked for NBC News, FOX News, and USA Today and began his syndicated news column in 1984. Cal is the author of 10 books, including What Works: Commonsense Solutions to the Nation's Problems. Follow him on Twitter @CalThomas.

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Hacking isn’t NHS’s only problem

Healthcare | The ‘free’ U.K. governmental healthcare system diminishes the quality of care for all
by Cal Thomas
Posted 5/18/17, 11:23 am

GLASGOW, Scotland—The ransomware cyberattack that wormed its way into at least 74 countries recently exposed new vulnerabilities in the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), as if it weren’t vulnerable enough.

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Mr. President, please stop the insults

White House | Instead, Trump should ‘Try a Little Kindness’
by Cal Thomas
Posted 5/16/17, 12:47 pm

During an interview last June in his New York office, I asked Donald Trump about his use of language that many considered insulting and divisive. “Will there be a pivot for you from the primaries to the general election campaign?”

The candidate said “I agree” about the tone of the campaign and that he intended to pivot. “It’s starting very soon,” he promised.

We’re still waiting.

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A profile in calculation

Politics | Barack Obama has always done what was politically expedient
by Cal Thomas
Posted 5/11/17, 03:22 pm

Last Sunday at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, former President Barack Obama was given the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

In his remarks, Obama defended the Affordable Care Act, his signature legislative achievement, which quickly became known as Obamacare. Though it is failing nearly everywhere as insurance companies pull out of the exchanges and premiums continue to rise, the former president asked Congress to be courageous and not repeal it:

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