Bonnie Pritchett

Bonnie reports on First Amendment freedoms for WORLD Digital.

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Professor fights pronoun mandate

Religious Liberty | University disciplines faculty member who refused to call a Mr. a ‘Miss’
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 11/13/18, 02:26 pm

A Shawnee State University philosophy professor filed a lawsuit against the Portsmouth, Ohio, school on Nov. 5 for disciplining him because he insisted on using the courtesy title that corresponded to a student’s biological sex.

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Is big tech becoming Big Brother?

First Amendment | Liberal groups and Google show an inclination for internet censorship
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 11/06/18, 03:42 pm

Liberal groups want tech companies to regulate internet speech, and Google might be willing to do it. Two recent documents, one from the tech giant and one from a coalition of liberal advocacy organizations, call for a lower free speech standard and the rise of biased, self-deputized speech police. Although independently drafted, the documents share the same faulty premise that tech companies must protect online users from speech that hurts.

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Facebook/Henry McMaster

The tie that binds

Religious Liberty | Federal rules can hamstring religious foster care agencies who receive government funding
by Bonnie Pritchett
Posted 10/30/18, 05:02 pm

The 80-year-old, multi-site Miracle Hill Ministries unashamedly shares the gospel with the neediest residents in South Carolina. In 1988, it expanded its homeless and addiction recovery ministries to include a state-licensed child placement agency that worked exclusively with Christian families.

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