Bob Jones

Collision course

Politics | The always uneasy Reagan coalition of libertarian and social conservatives is increasingly under strain.
by Bob Jones
Posted 1/22/05, 12:00 am

When George W. Bush utters the words "So help me God" shortly after noon on Jan. 20, Washington will briefly become Party Capital, USA. From fireworks to disco balls, fancy soirees to down-home barbecues, Republicans all over town will shed their buttoned-down image to fete four more years of power.

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Politics | House GOP promises to "stir men's blood" with a bold reform agenda, but so far congressional blood is boiling over an ethics rule-a mess that could distract, and divide, party leadership
by Bob Jones
Posted 1/15/05, 12:00 am

On Capitol Hill, the swearing-in ceremony for new lawmakers is always an occasion for pomp and circumstance. This year, the start of the 109th Congress was marked by all the usual pomp-and a bit of circumspection, as well.

Holding babies, cameras, and family Bibles, 41 new members joined the House of Representatives on Jan. 4, while nine new senators took the oath of office administered by Vice President Cheney. In both chambers the freshman class was dominated by Republicans eager to help President Bush pass his aggressive legislative agenda.

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As Louisiana goes...

Politics | . . .
by Bob Jones
Posted 12/04/04, 12:00 am

President Bush's coattails will get a test on Dec. 4 when voters in two Louisiana congressional districts head to the polls, officially ending the long campaign season of 2004. National party leaders see the year's final two races as a chance for bragging rights-and, more importantly, as a barometer of the Democrats' future in the Southeast.

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