Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

Associated Press/Open Road Films

Snowden a thank-you note to secrets-leaker

Movie | Oliver Stone portrays Edward Snowden as an innocent whistleblower
by Bob Brown
Posted 9/19/16, 01:53 pm

Director Oliver Stone typically doesn’t intend his historically based films to play as straight documentaries. Early on, he nails down his story’s heroes and villains and then weaves facts around those pegs. Snowden, a “dramatization of actual events that took place between 2004 and 2013,” adopts that framework. From the get-go, Stone seems to enshrine Edward Snowden as the Greatest American Hero, putting little focus on how Snowden’s actions might damage national security in the long run.

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Miramax & Roadside Attractions

Southside with You

Movie | The story of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson’s first date
by Bob Brown
Posted 9/02/16, 01:00 am

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Living Waters

The Atheist Delusion reveals why many deny God

Documentary | Latest man-on-the-street documentary from Ray Comfort asks interviewees to explain their disbelief
by Bob Brown
Posted 8/30/16, 10:55 am

Documentary maker and ordained pastor Ray Comfort, 66, is known for initiating sidewalk conversations about hot-button issues to create opportunities to talk about Jesus. In past films, Comfort shared the gospel by tackling abortion (180) and homosexuality (Audacity).

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