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Breaking the rules

Movie | 'Rules Don’t Apply' slogs through the life of billionaire Howard Hughes
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/22/16, 01:26 am

Rules Don’t Apply slogs through the life of billionaire Howard Hughes, an eccentric airplane designer and film studio owner who reportedly bedded young actresses in his employ. Warren Beatty, 79—the biopic’s director, producer, and screenwriter—reportedly brooded over the project for decades. Perhaps the admitted former playboy recognizes something of himself in Hughes? Yes or no, most viewers probably won’t relate to his celebrity excesses, but the trajectories of the wannabe starlets and groveling gophers might land uncomfortably close to home.

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Associated Press/Jan Thijs/Paramount Pictures

Brainy Arrival surprises with powerful pro-life message

Movie | Alien tale is a tearjerker for the right reasons
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/15/16, 03:12 pm

Arrival director Denis Villeneuve hasn’t indicated he intended his new film to deliver one of the most beautiful pro-life moments in cinematic history.

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A delightful treat

Movie | It isn't perfect, but Trolls is worth seeing
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/09/16, 01:08 pm

The Bergens are miserable creatures, orthodontically challenged ogres fated, they believe, to wallowing in gloominess 364 days a year. But on Trollstice, they can taste happiness by capturing and eating an ever-cheerful Troll.

The Trolls have successfully lived in hiding for 20 years, but a fireworks-laced celebration betrays their location. Scowling, quadruple-chinned Chef (voiced by Christine Baranski), who has designs on wresting the throne of Bergen Town from baby-faced King Gristle (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), captures some of them.

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