Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

Associated Press/Photo by Sue Ogrocki

Oklahoma mandates pro-life signs in public facilities

Abortion | Pro-life advocates take a page out of the abortion industry’s playbook for posters encouraging pregnant women to carry babies to term
by Bob Brown
Posted 12/14/16, 03:04 pm

Within a year, restrooms in Oklahoma’s motels, medical facilities, and restaurants may contain signs encouraging pregnant women to carry their babies to term. On Tuesday, by an 8-1 vote, the Oklahoma State Department of Health approved regulations requiring all department-licensed facilities to place specially worded signs in their public restrooms.

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Believe the Film

Positive thinking poses as prayer in Believe

Movie | Film portrays Christianity in superficial light
by Bob Brown
Posted 12/06/16, 11:26 am

Films seemingly intended for Christian audiences risk alienating secular crowds. But the new film Believe might just put off both groups with a heavy-handed agenda too syrupy for nonbelievers and a superficial treatment of faith and prayer too bland for the faithful.

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Associated Press/Photo by Daniel Smith/Paramount Pictures

Is it love or treason?

Movie | Romantic thriller Allied takes marital trust issues to the extreme
by Bob Brown
Posted 12/02/16, 02:06 pm

Few marriages survive the devastation of infidelity, but what if your spouse was cheating on the whole country? In the new film Allied, a Royal Air Force (RAF) officer suspects his wife could be spying for the Nazis. The story is neither an engaging romance nor a full-tilt thriller, but its meticulous details and artful twists make for a better-than-average movie.

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