Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

Alex Bailey/Columbia Pictures

Horror in space

Movie | Restraint and twists make 'Life' a good but not stellar space movie
by Bob Brown
Posted 3/30/17, 04:21 pm

The new film Life adds a title to the library of sci-fi flicks that owe their existence to the pioneering 1979 thriller Alien. Borrowing more than a little from the Ridley Scott–directed classic, Life will likely please fans willing to pay to watch an unidentified frightening object stalk astronauts trapped inside a space vessel.

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Warner Bros.

An unimpressive ‘Kong’

Movie | Don't let the looks fool you—Kong: Skull Island falls short of previous King Kong films
by Bob Brown
Posted 3/16/17, 12:02 pm

Big-ape flicks apparently don’t evolve, as Kong: Skull Island proves. For better or worse, a menagerie of King Kong films exists against which to compare this latest remake, and the conclusion is a no-brainer: Skull Island doesn’t measure up to size.

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Legendary and Universal Pictures

‘Great Wall’ cracks apart

Movie | Historical fantasy looks sharp but lacks substance
by Bob Brown
Posted 3/04/17, 06:50 pm

As the new film The Great Wall opens, the narrator appeals to a fanciful legend behind the construction of earth’s largest man-made object: Thousands of years ago, the legend goes, heaven punished a greedy Chinese emperor by sending oversized reptilian creatures called the Tao Tei. (Picture scaly, green Wargs with a nasty overbite.) To keep the man-eating monsters out of the empire, successive rulers built up the massive brick-and-stone Great Wall until it stretched thousands of miles east-to-west near China’s northern boundary.

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