Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

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Fighting (and more fighting) for justice

Movie | A major league cast can’t save Justice League from a minor league story
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/22/17, 12:42 pm

“Superman is dead! Where does that leave us?” a Central City resident agonizes in the opening sequence of the new film Justice League. The camera pans to a small gravestone bearing the name Clark Joseph Kent.

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Death by three

Movie | Emotionalism and some questionable theology plague Let There Be Light
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/02/17, 03:07 pm

Let There Be Light won’t counter the reputation faith-based films have for laying the gospel on thick while skimping on acting and storytelling. But in addition to delivering doctrinally sound sermonettes, the new film also dishes out holy sounding hooey. And while death prompts the protagonist’s soul-searching in many stories, Let There Be Light draws from this well three times.

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Focus Features

The odd couple

Movie | Victoria and Abdul spotlights a friendship between the British monarch and her Indian servant
by Bob Brown
Posted 10/26/17, 12:50 pm

Nothing rankles a royal like a commoner forgetting his place. That was certainly true in the 19th-century British Empire, the setting for the new film Victoria and Abdul.

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