Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

Grace Hill Media

Pro-life haunt

Movie | Wraith conjures up a life-affirming story set in a spooky house
by Bob Brown
Posted 5/10/18, 01:28 pm

Supernatural thriller movies often take place in houses haunted by spirits of people murdered not long before (The Amityville Horror) or generations earlier (The Shining). But if the spectral presence emanates from a living person who may be about to die, then, by definition, you’re dealing with a wraith. In Wraith, an unprecedented pro-life thriller written and directed by Michael Sajbel and now available for streaming, the victim-to-be is an unborn baby.

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Fun Academy Media Group

Dog in the fight

Movie | A dog has his day in the patriotic, family-friendly Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero
by Bob Brown
Posted 4/26/18, 12:50 pm

Guns, grenades, and mustard gas in a kids’ movie? That’s Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, the debut production from Fun Academy Motion Pictures. The animated film is based on the true story of the titular mutt that remains America’s most highly decorated military animal. Targeting younger viewers, though, writer-director Richard Lanni (also the studio’s founder) delivers a less traumatic version of World War I battlefield events: Enemies are captured, not gunned down, and an American soldier’s death is depicted by an empty helmet with a bullet hole.

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Cate Cameron/LD Entertainment/Mirror via AP

Losing and winning

Movie | In The Miracle Season, a girls’ volleyball team grapples with the loss of its star player
by Bob Brown
Posted 4/06/18, 07:22 pm

Based on a true story, The Miracle Season adds a worthy title to the catalog of sports films, inspirational or otherwise. It’s refreshing for its novel subject—a girls’ sports team.

The film opens in the fall of 2011 as the defending Iowa girls’ state volleyball champions from Iowa City West High School start their season. Caroline “Line” Found (Danika Yarosh) captains the Lady Trojans and plays setter, a volleyball team’s most important position. Line, an exuberant spirit, also captures the heart of every person she meets—students, teachers, and townsfolk.

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