Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

Associated Press/Photo by Christian Lutz

European high court orders man starved to death

by Bob Brown
Posted 6/08/15, 09:28 am

The European Court of Human Rights on Friday upheld a top French court’s decision to end 38-year-old Vincent Lambert’s intravenous hydration and feeding. The landmark ruling sets a legal precedent for the 47 nations belonging to the Council of Europe, that continent’s “leading human rights organization.”

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Regan Arts/Moody Publishers

Weekend Reads: How we love

by Mark Moland & Bob Brown
Posted 6/06/15, 08:21 am

How Dante Can Save Your Life: The Life-Changing Wisdom of History’s Greatest Poem

By Rod Dreher

“Dante Saves” may not be the next bumper sticker fad, but for Rod Dreher, the medieval poet led him from despair to deeper love of God and family. In How Dante Can Save Your Life (Regan Arts, 2015), Dreher shares how reading Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy became the catalyst for his recovery from depression and chronic illness.

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Associated Press/Photo by Neal Preston/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Aloha takes a welcome turn off Tinseltown's wide road

by Bob Brown
Posted 6/02/15, 07:36 am

Hollywood has no reason not to give people what they covet. “Nobody wants to be where they are,” reflects Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) in Aloha. “They all want to live in a fantasy.” That’s why, for the price of admission, many Tinseltown rom-com-drams, like Aloha, provide vicarious “thrills”—watching beautiful people flout moral boundaries. Writer-director Cameron Crowe seems to pilot his latest film toward the same dead end when he veers off course.

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