Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

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Suicide Squad serves up bullets and ambiguity

Movie | Box office record-breaker starts with a promising premise that doesn’t pan out
by Bob Brown
Posted 8/09/16, 04:30 pm

Suicide Squad, based on a DC Comics strip by the same name, shattered the box office record for an August film opening over the weekend. Evidently company loves misery: The new fantasy-action thriller indulges the modern urge to view hailstorms of bullets puncturing a fog of moral ambiguity. In his Confessions, Augustine called this sort of vicarious thrill “a miserable madness.”

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Associated Press/Photo by Shawn Pogatchnik

Irish judge upholds broad rights for the unborn

Life | Judge asserts right of unborn babies to have intact families
by Bob Brown
Posted 8/08/16, 01:49 pm

Maintaining strong pro-life statutes in spite of mounting pressure from European neighbors, an Irish judge ruled earlier this month an unborn child’s privileges extend beyond just having the right to life.

The case involved a Nigerian man who had been fighting a deportation order since 2008. In July 2015, he sought a review of the order, claiming that the rights of his unborn child (who was born the following month), conceived with an Irish partner, bolstered his case to stay in Ireland.

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Adam Taylor/A&E

Born This Way

Television | A&E breaks new ground with reality series starring adults with Down syndrome
by Bob Brown
Posted 8/05/16, 01:00 am

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