Bob Brown

Bob is a graduate of the WORLD Journalism Institute’s mid-career course.

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No fireworks in long-awaited sequel Independence Day: Resurgence

Movie | Recycled tropes, soporific heroics, and failed attempts at humor will leave viewers rooting for the aliens
by Bob Brown
Posted 6/29/16, 08:44 am

The original Independence Day blockbuster came out—hold on to your walkers—in 1996, a mere seven years after the Berlin Wall fell and five years before 9/11. The greatest threat to America during that in-between era of innocence (and ignorance) probably did come from extraterrestrials, or so many thought. (X-Files, anyone?) But the new sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, out finally after 20 years, fizzles with recycled tropes, soporific heroics, and none of the original’s legitimate drama.

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Abortion documentary leaves babies’ stories untold

Movie | Film reveals the incoherent theology of parents and abortionists
by Bob Brown
Posted 6/28/16, 10:39 am

In the upcoming HBO documentary Abortion: Stories Women Tell, director-producer Tracy Droz Tragos lines up a slate of women (and a few couples) whose stories run the full gamut of pro-abortion talking points.

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The Conjuring 2 misses the scriptural demon-fighting mark

Movie | Although framed as a Bible-based movie, this film is more Hollywood than holy work
by Bob Brown
Posted 6/13/16, 04:30 pm

The Conjuring 2 and its predecessor in many ways fall outside the lines of standard Hollywood horror flicks. Both R-rated films have little bloody gore, few expletives, and no nudity or sexuality commingled lustfully with violence. Strikingly, the films’ ghost-hunting heroes draw their power from an unusual source—their own strong and loving marriage. And perhaps most peculiarly, the producers have included faith-based moviegoers in their marketing outreach.

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