Bob Brown

Bob is a movie reviewer for WORLD. He is a World Journalism Institute graduate and works as a math professor. Bob resides with his wife, Lisa, and five kids in Bel Air, Md. Follow him on Twitter @RightTwoLife.

Gareth Gatrell/Netflix

A new classic?

Movie | Big-budget, music-filled Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a hit
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/19/20, 02:58 pm

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey adds a delightful voice to the Christmas movie lineup. With the energy of a Broadway musical and a spare-no-expense Hollywood production, the David E. Talbert film, streaming on Netflix, stands to become an annual holiday classic. 

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Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

New sheriff in town

Television | Vindication is a well-acted crime drama
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/19/20, 02:49 pm

Amateurish acting and syrupy spirituality so hamper some faith films it can be hard to take their messages seriously. For Christian entertainment company Redeem TV to venture into crime dramas, then, seems foolhardy—and to claim the characters on its show Vindication “far exceed [those] of the network crime dramas” (Law & Order, The Rockford Files) surely epitomizes hubris, right?

Yes and no.

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Logan Industry

A hole inside

Documentary | The Donut King traces how one big-hearted entrepreneur rose to wealth and squandered it all
by Bob Brown
Posted 11/05/20, 03:02 pm

You’d think a story about a doughnut shop entrepreneur would be sweet through and through. The new documentary The Donut King recounts Ted Ngoy’s journey from Cambodian refugee to owner of 70 California breakfast eateries. But Ngoy’s love of money would be his eventual undoing. 

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