Barbara Curtis

Barbara loved the Lord, and that was evident in her writing for WORLD. She went to be with her Savior in October 2012. For a tribute to Barbara, see "Trusting the Heavenly Father after an earthly one fails," by Marvin Olasky.

Photo courtesy of the Burden family

Serving those who serve

Marriage | Jean Burden has faithfully supported her husband Jack’s military career through 52 years of marriage—a Veterans Day tribute
by Barbara Curtis
Posted 11/10/12, 11:36 am

This article is the sixth in an occasional online series profiling couples who have been married for at least 35 years. As sociologist Mark Regnerus writes, “Young adults want to know that it’s possible for two fellow believers to stay happy together for a lifetime, and they need to hear how the generations preceding them did it.” It is also important to see that marriages are not always happy all the time, but commitment is crucial.

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Photo by Patty Schuchman

What does it mean to be our brother's keeper?

by Barbara Curtis
Posted 11/01/12, 12:55 pm

Some years ago our family faced a series of crises that left us temporarily unable to cope on our own. My doctor prescribed anti-depressants, but I never took them.

Instead, God intervened, sending a veritable army of brothers and sisters in Christ to help us. Families with six or seven kids marched in with full-course dinners. Neighboring churches showed up with coolers full of frozen food to stock our freezer. Firewood appeared from nowhere and teenagers came and stacked it. Homeschool moms collected hand-me-downs to keep my growing boys warm all winter.

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On Labor Day and the meaning of work

Faith & Inspiration
by Barbara Curtis
Posted 9/03/12, 10:15 am

On Labor Day let us first consider the dwarfs, who in Disney's Snow White have much to teach. Each day they march off to the mines singing:

"We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through / To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to do."

Snow White herself teaches the forest animals to love housework with the wonderful work song, "Just Whistle While You Work." And her own love of work makes cleaning house a transcendent experience.

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