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Petty and Prince, again

Music | Posthumous albums recall the two superstars
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 10/16/18, 03:20 pm

The posthumous careers of Tom Petty and Prince have begun.   

Petty’s began on Sept. 28 with the release of An American Treasure (Reprise), four CDs’ worth of meticulously curated outtakes, live performances, alternate versions, early takes, remastered “deep cuts,” and other esoterica culled from Petty’s solo, Heartbreakers, and Mudcrutch recordings. It has everything, in other words, but the Traveling Wilburys (and the singles—those are what Geffen’s forthcoming The Best of Everything is for).   

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Notable new albums

by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 10/11/18, 04:00 pm

Road to Ruin (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)


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Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press via AP

McCartney at 76

Music | Egypt Station is a charming pop album that goes on a bit too long
by Arsenio Orteza
Posted 10/11/18, 03:57 pm

The buzz accompanying the release of Egypt Station (Capitol), Paul McCartney’s first No. 1 album in 36 years, proves that fans and critics have finally grown tired of having grown tired of him and that McCartney has finally reconciled himself enough to creating what he creates best—charming, textured, irresistible pop—to forgo trying to prove himself an ace dabbler (in symphonies, in electronica, in singles by Rihanna and Kanye West).

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