Anthony Bradley

Anthony is associate professor of religious studies at The King's College in New York and a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

The end of tackle football?

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 11/20/12, 11:39 am

I have friends with sons under 7-years-old who have decided their boys will never play organized tackle football. For them, the risk of long-term brain damage is too great.

Every week it seems we hear about college or NFL players leaving the game because of a blow to the head. Two Sundays ago, three NFL starting quarterbacks—Philadelphia’s Michael Vick, San Francisco’s Alex Smith, and Chicago’s Jay Cutler—all suffered concussions. Because of the frequency of such injuries in the NFL, many are beginning to wonder if children or adults should still play the game at all.

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Associated Press/Photo by Julie Fletcher

Waning evangelical influence

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 11/13/12, 01:29 pm

By most accounts, evangelicalism began with the influence of the Great Awakenings of the 18th century, which provided a set of social norms and values that has shaped much of American life and public policy for nearly three centuries. But those days may be over.

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Hip-hop with a conscience

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 11/06/12, 12:42 pm

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