Anthony Bradley

Anthony is associate professor of religious studies at The King's College in New York and a research fellow at the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

A mom's euthanasia love

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 10/23/08, 02:44 pm

Julie James explained that her decision to help her 23-year-old son, Daniel, kill himself was based on love and compassion. Julie and her husband, Mark, traveled to a Swiss clinic so their son could kill himself after he was paralyzed in a sports-related accident. His mom said because of his paralysis he was living "a second-class existence."

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Can Christian coaches cut it?

by Anthony Bradley
Posted 10/15/08, 05:33 pm

Tommy Bowden stepped down this week as head coach of the Clemson University football team. This rare mid-season resignation comes after Bowden's team did not live up to expectations of a pre-season No. 9 national ranking. For several years Bowden-an outspoken Christian like his father, Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden-has been praised because of his character but ridiculed because he appeared soft, weak, and unable to rouse his players.

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Cancel the third debate

Campaign 2008
by Anthony Bradley
Posted 10/08/08, 02:31 pm

Why have a third presidential debate? I watched last night's face-off at my local Greek tapas restaurant with another of the "regulars" at the bar. (I had a gyro salad.) Oddly, in the restaurant section were several tables of St. Louis professionals enjoying amazing food and over-priced wine completely ignoring the goings-on in Nashville. I was appalled. I wanted to walk over to a few tables and say, "Don't you people care? This is the most important election of our generation! What's wrong with you?"

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