Anna K. Poole

Anna is a WORLD Journalism Institute graduate and former WORLD correspondent.

Associated Press/Photo by Parker Song

China takes Pakistan under its wing as U.S. backs off

Pakistan | The Communist nation has pledged billions in aid to the Muslim country
by Anna K. Poole
Posted 3/09/17, 03:02 pm

As the United States increasingly holds Pakistan at arm’s length, China is sweeping in to embrace the Muslim nation, pledging billions of dollars in energy, industry, and infrastructure investment by 2030.

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Associated Press/Photo by Mohammad Sajjad

Afghanistan, Pakistan trade blame for terror attacks

Terrorism | Retaliatory airstrikes rain fire on border-dwelling Islamic militants
by Anna K. Poole
Posted 2/21/17, 05:54 pm

After a spell of relative quiet, Islamic terror is making a comeback in Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the last week, Islamic State (ISIS) and the Taliban claimed four attacks that left 100 dead. The uptick in bloodshed prompted a deadly backlash from the Pakistani military and triggered ill will between Islamabad and Kabul, with each government accusing the other of breeding insurgents.

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Associated Press/Photo by Anurup Titu

UN report: Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims face ongoing violence

Burma | Bangladesh plans to resettle thousands of Rohingya refugees to low-lying island
by Anna K. Poole
Posted 2/10/17, 12:14 pm

As Myanmar’s ongoing crisis over the persecution of Rohingya Muslims threatens to spiral into an armed insurgency, new reports of violence by Burmese soldiers are drawing international alarm. Meanwhile, fleeing Rohingya refugees pouring into Bangladesh are prompting an unpopular resettlement plan to a low-lying island that only recently crested sea level.

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