Anna Johansen

Anna is a news and feature reporter for WORLD Radio and WORLD Watch. Anna is a graduate of World Journalism Institute and Thomas Edison State University, and before becoming a journalist, she taught speech, debate, history, writing, and musical theater. Anna resides in Chicago, Ill. Follow her on Twitter @AnnaJohansen_.

KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images

The streets of Kenosha

Cities | Residents confront buildings boarded up or destroyed
by Anna Johansen
Posted 8/31/20, 01:37 pm

At the corner of 22nd Avenue and Roosevelt Road in Kenosha, Wis., there used to be a camera shop. Now, it’s a pile of rubble. A few blackened walls are still standing, the windows blown out. The heap of splintered wood and rebar and shattered concrete looms over bystanders. A charred mattress lies flopped on top of it all, and broken glass litters the sidewalk.

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Associated Press/Photo by Ronald Zak (file)

Austria grants asylum to a few stranded Iranians

by Anna Johansen
Posted 7/24/18, 12:29 pm

The Austrian government has granted asylum to four Christian refugees from Iran, but more than 100 remain stranded. The group fled persecution in Iran more than a year ago. The United States initially offered the refugees asylum under a law known as the Lautenberg Amendment only to later reject their applications without explanation. The mass denial left the group in limbo until a member of the Austrian Parliament began lobbying on the refugees’ behalf earlier this year.

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Associated Press/Photo by Noah Berger

Wildfire threatens Yosemite

by Anna Johansen & Lynde Langdon
Posted 7/17/18, 10:38 am

The Ferguson fire in Mariposa County, Calif., has claimed the life of one firefighter and threatens Yosemite National Park. The fire covered 4,000 acres on Sunday and by Monday had devoured more than 9,000 acres. The park remains open to visitors for now, though one main entrance is closed. Firefighter Braden Varney died Saturday when his bulldozer tumbled down a canyon while plowing a fire line. Pacific Gas and Electric shut off power for the area, hoping to reduce fire risk. Some say sparks from the company’s power lines were responsible for at least three wildfires last fall.

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