Angela Lu Fulton

Angela is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in Taiwan. Follow Angela on Twitter @angela818.

Krieg Barrie

Blocked by the Great Firewall

Lifestyle | Travel troubles show how China keeps its citizens digitally isolated from the West
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 7/22/16, 01:00 am

“Could I have your passenger number for this flight?” asked a polite airline check-in assistant at a busy international airport in China. Typically a passport would suffice, yet because I booked the ticket through the U.S.-based travel site, the airline claimed my passport wasn’t connected to my ticket.

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Associated Press/Photo by Kin Cheung

Calls for democracy ring at Tiananmen events

China | After 27 years, activists continue to plead for freedom in one of the world’s most repressive countries
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 6/06/16, 11:45 am

TAIPEI, Taiwan—Twenty-seven years after Chinese soldiers cracked down on student protests at Tiananmen Square, mainland China continues to actively squelch any mention of the massacre and arrest sensitive figures on the June 4 anniversary. But in Hong Kong and Taiwan, where events are held annually, the tone is changing as the years go by. Today’s students were not yet born when the tank rolled down Chang’an Blvd., and they don’t see how the events of so long ago affect their lives today.

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Associated Press/Photo by Press Trust of India

Exchanging hugs for human rights

Persecution | Asian religious leaders chastise President Obama for cozying up to foreign leaders with a long history of human rights abuses
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 2/22/16, 11:37 am

TAOYUAN, Taiwan—As President Barack Obama met with Southeast Asian heads of state in California last week, religious leaders from many of the same countries gathered in Taiwan to discuss persecution in the region. In contrast to the smiles and pleasantries exchanged at the Sunnylands summit, the participants of the inaugural Asia Pacific Religious Freedom Forum spoke solemnly about human rights and religious liberty violations in their home countries. In some cases they lamented how little the U.S. has done to help.

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