Angela Lu Fulton

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A church destroyed in Asendabo (Compass Direct News)

Fiery revenge

Ethiopia | Islamist extremists are blamed for attacks that left one Christian dead and many churches destroyed
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 3/09/11, 05:45 pm

At least one Christian is confirmed dead and several others are wounded in attacks in Ethiopia blamed on a large, well-organized group of Muslims, church leaders told Jonathan Racho, International Christian Concern's regional manager for Africa. More than 4,000 Christians in the Jimma area of western Ethiopia have been displaced because of the violence this month. The group also set ablaze 59 buildings and at least 30 homes belonging to Christians over the past week.

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John W. McDonough: Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Jeremy's call

Sports | The NBA's first Asian-American player since 1947 carries more dreams than his own
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/28/11, 07:27 am

Jeremy Lin is no blue chip. College basketball programs overlooked him out of high school. And NBA scouts overlooked him out of college. Nevertheless, when the Bay Area native came off the bench for the first time in a Golden State Warrior jersey this past fall, the crowd inside Oracle Arena erupted.

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Nailah Feanny/Genesis Photos

Drawn by grace

Religion | Many Chinese immigrants hear the gospel for the first time in the United States-and many are responding
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 12/03/10, 10:51 am

Grand Street sprawls like a clogged artery to the heart of New York's Chinatown. People brush through sidewalks packed with shops selling fresh fruit. Restaurants display whole shriveled barbecued ducks. Old women haggle for fish in harsh Cantonese tones. Souvenir shops offer fake golden Buddhas, fish carved in cheap jade, and bonsai trees growing in porcelain vases.

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