Angela Lu Fulton

Angela is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine based in Taiwan. Follow Angela on Twitter @angela818.


Up from idolatry

Lifestyle | A Christian doctor in Japan knows his life is under scrutiny
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/17/17, 11:42 am

The first time Dr. Nomura Takuyuki decided to put on a Christmas meeting at his 19-bed hospital 20 years ago, he feared what others would think of him and if it would hurt his business. Christians make up only 1 percent of Japan’s population, and most Christians stay quiet about their faith in a society where social cohesion trumps all.

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One-wheeled wonders

Taiwan | For at-risk youth at a Taiwanese Christian boys home, unicycles are character-building vehicles
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/12/17, 05:42 pm

On a 100-degree summer afternoon, several giggly middle-school girls in New Taipei City, Taiwan, attempted to mount blue and yellow unicycles, gripping a metal pole in their school’s basketball court with one hand and their friends with the other. Repeatedly, the one-wheeler slipped out from beneath each girl as she lost balance and tried again.

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New light in winter

Aging | Christians see opportunity for outreach among Japan’s oldest citizens
by Angela Lu Fulton
Posted 1/06/17, 04:00 am

STRAY SNOWFLAKES SWIRL IN THE AIR as a cold wind stings cheeks. It’s wintertime in Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago, and the capital city of Sapporo is steeped in shades of gray. The temperature is 10 degrees outside, but it’s warm inside the small Doronko Adult Daycare Center, as light streams through a large bay window.

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