Andrew Coffin

Best foot forward

Culture | Seeking Oscars, Hollywood rolls out the fare it wants to be judged by
by Andrew Coffin
Posted 12/15/01, 12:00 am

Typically, the fall, and particularly the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, is cinematically rich. Summer is dedicated to blockbusters-action films and Disney cartoons; late winter and spring months are reserved for films that don't fit anywhere else on the schedule, a dumping ground for movies that didn't live up to their potential or that studios found difficult to market.

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Battles on the big screen

Culture | War movies are hitting the theaters, but the best are at the video stores
by Andrew Coffin
Posted 12/08/01, 12:00 am

After Sept. 11, movie studios scrambled to shuffle their fall/winter releases, bumping violent or war-themed films and attempting to fill multiplexes with more innocuous, uplifting fare. Then a funny thing happened. Almost uniformly, the top films at the box office in the ensuing weeks were horror films and thrillers-films like The Others, Don't Say a Word, and Training Day.

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Thanksgiving treats

Culture | Look beyond the best-selling rentals for suitable family viewing
by Andrew Coffin
Posted 11/24/01, 12:00 am

As often as not, holiday gatherings at some point involve a trip to the video store. Once the Thanksgiving feast is consumed, the requisite walk taken, and the dishes scrubbed, more than one family looking for a way to relax together will send a delegation to the neighborhood Blockbuster.

Once in the store, the challenge lies in selecting a movie that will appeal to-and be appropriate for-the entire family. No small task, this.

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