Andrew Coffin
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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

by Andrew Coffin
Posted 5/16/14, 01:00 am

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty never cracked the Top 5 weekly box office performers when it was in theaters. Yet most people who saw the film liked it, giving it a B+ CinemaScore (a poll of exiting theatergoers). Now that the film is available at home, more families should find this gem.

Rated PG, the film is not faithful to James Thurber’s 1939 New Yorker short story. That was a sad tale about a sad man, lost in heroic daydreams yet ineffectual in real life. Ben Stiller’s film (he both directs and stars) is far more hopeful.

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Ordinary animals

Movie | Open Season recycles ideas that weren't good the first time
by Andrew Coffin
Posted 10/14/06, 12:00 am

Computer-animated cartoons have been nearly fail-proof at the box office. So studios are eager to throw their hats in the ring, and now Sony does so with the release of Open Season (rated PG for some rude humor, mild action, and brief language).

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Rescue effort

Movie | Despite weaknesses, The Guardian does not sink
by Andrew Coffin
Posted 9/30/06, 12:00 am

Thoroughly familiar in almost every way, The Guardian is still an extremely well-crafted and entertaining adventure film. Director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Holes) knows a thing or two about action scenes, and although the best of these are found only as brackets to a somewhat overlong story, he benefits from a capable cast to keep the audience engaged from start to finish.

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