Andrée Seu Peterson

Andrée is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine. Her commentary has been compiled into three books, including Won't Let You Go Unless You Bless Me, a collection of reflective essays written in the wake of her husband's death. Andrée resides in Philadelphia, Penn.


Why I'm pro-choice

| Because for all of us, life is a string of choices
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 1/22/00, 12:00 am

Now that I have your attention, let us consider "choice" in its humble and homely meaning before its celebrity as the canonized patron of feminism. It did belong to us, you know, as in the old hymn, "I have decided to follow Jesus" (which, I understand, is fallen out of favor in part for its Arminian suggestiveness), or, more authoritatively, in Moses' plea, "Choose life!" (Deuteronomy 30:19).

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Dust off the angels

| But remember that real ones are not tame
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 12/11/99, 12:00 am

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Je me souviens

| I remember, and He will remember
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 11/20/99, 12:00 am

Je me souviens." To you it's the slogan on a license plate from "that other world across the border." To me it's tourtierre for Christmas breakfast, galettes at a summer cookout, and singing "O Canada" to a maple leaf flag after "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Not that I was born in Quebec, you understand, but more like a convincing stage reproduction of it, a trompe l'oeil of culture, complete with actors never stepping out of character, and Ste. Anne de Beaupre set up in miniature on the banks of the Blackstone.

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