Andrée Seu Peterson

Andrée is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine and the author of three books: Won't Let You Go Unless You Bless Me, Normal Kingdom Business, and We Shall Have Spring Again.

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The sound of writing

Media | A good writer is a joyful problem-solver
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 8/06/19, 10:41 am

Harold “Hal” Prince, producer and director, died at age 91 on July 31.  It got me thinking about musicals and lyrics and how today’s aspiring writers, including humble magazine columnists, could do worse than study the old heyday Broadway songs. All writing is problem-solving, and it’s fun to see how the best of the best solved their “problems,” and had a blast doing it.

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Krieg Barrie

Off to college

Higher Education | Hundreds of years of bad philosophy are about to immerse your child
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 8/01/19, 01:37 pm

You’re sending Johnny off to college and keeping your fingers crossed. You’ve heard the statistics about kids losing their faith at university; you believe the price tag is way out of proportion to the product; you know he’ll be paying loans off till he’s 40. But it’s a testimony to the power of tradition and cultural inertia that you’re going ahead with it anyway.

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Matty’s book

History | A fresh and personable look at baseball and life in 1912
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 7/11/19, 04:15 pm

Needing escape from the disappointing escapism of midsummer 2019 Philadelphia Phillies baseball, I read of happier times two hours north as obligingly recorded by the pitcher for the pennant-winning turn-of-the-20th-century New York Giants.

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