Andrée Seu Peterson

Andrée is the author of three books: Won't Let You Go Unless You Bless Me, Normal Kingdom Business, and We Shall Have Spring Again.


Friend and counselor

Obituaries | Remembering a man who was always ‘present in the moment’
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/20/19, 12:05 pm

David Powlison (1949-2019) died of pancreatic cancer on June 7. I knew him. He balanced my checkbook once in his front parlor when I was a widow. I don’t let just anyone balance my checkbook, but he started as a math major at Harvard, so it seemed safe enough.

I don’t suppose that moment will make it into an official biography. Nor will the official biography likely include that, when my single-parent friend’s daughter was a tad prodigal, he would drive over to their house in the mornings and chauffeur the girl to school.

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Our mud huts

Relationships | Why do we stick with dating traditions that break our hearts?
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/18/19, 10:08 am

If you had a system that yielded poor results every time you used it, how long would it take for you to chuck that system? 

The traditional Maasai windowless mud-and-dung hut, with its poor ventilation, has for who knows how long been the cause of respiratory infections and eye irritations in adults and children of the tribe. So why have these Kenyans 50 miles south of Nairobi continued generation after generation to design their shelters like that? I don’t know. Tradition? No one thought of a better idea?

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A mess on the shelves

Activism | Public libraries are enthusiastically joining the LGBTQ crusade
by Andrée Seu Peterson
Posted 6/12/19, 04:53 pm

I drove to the library for a book by Max Lucado that might help me with my puppet show. I asked the librarian if she had heard of him. She said yes. We walked together to the “L’s” and she went through the motions of looking, but no Lucado was to be found between the Longs and Ludvigs.

What I did spot was a large free-standing rack of children’s fare dedicated to LGBTQ topics. 

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