Alex Tokarev

Alex is a former WORLD contributor.

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Driving a tank through the porcelain store

Economic growth | Is Washington intervention in a hurting economy needed?
by Alex Tokarev
Posted 2/09/08, 12:00 am

Headlines are applauding the Federal Reserve's drop in interest rates and the White House/congressional drive to send checks to most American families. But what's the long-term cost of short-term happiness?

Price stability is a necessary condition for any economy's sustainable, healthy, long-term growth. While volatility is natural on Wall Street, sharp and unpredictable price changes on Main Street lead to inefficiencies.

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Freedom works

Picks & pans | Author is a voice of reason in a swamp of statist megalomania
by Alex Tokarev
Posted 11/10/07, 12:00 am

On a cold and blustery night I made up my mind to leave my home in search of a better life. Despite its hard-working and entrepreneurial people, Bulgaria was in ruins thanks to socialism. I came to America, a field where dreams come true in a climate of economic freedom, and I expected to find a nation that rejoices in its victory over the empire of evil.

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