Abby Reese

Abby is a participant in the World Journalism Institute 2015 class.

Airline collusion suspected of keeping ticket prices high

by Abby Reese
Posted 2/04/16, 11:47 am

The U.S. government is investigating four major airlines for colluding to limit available seats to keep prices high.

On Tuesday, American, Delta, Southwest, and United airlines received letters from the Justice Department demanding copies of all communications between the companies.

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Associated Press/Photo by Robin Zielinski/The Las Cruces Sun-News

New Mexico churches ask for prayer after twin bomb attacks

by Abby Reese
Posted 8/03/15, 03:38 pm

Congregations and clergy from Las Cruces, N.M., met in Pioneer Park on Sunday evening to pray for peace, unity, and courage after back-to-back explosions rattled two churches that morning in the state’s second-largest city. 

The explosions detonated outside the buildings in a mailbox and trashcan, interrupting morning services. The first explosion occurred at Calvary Baptist shortly after 8 a.m. About 20 minutes later, the next went off at Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, stopping communion. 

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Associated Press/Photo by Brynn Anderson

Christian prison reformers applaud plan to give inmates Pell Grants

by Abby Reese
Posted 7/29/15, 04:30 pm

Prisoners may soon be eligible for federal aid to pay for college under a new Obama administration initiative. The program would allow prisoners access to Pell Grants to fund courses, ending the 20-year ban imposed by Congress. 

The Education and Justice departments are expected to make the announcement Friday at the Maryland Correctional Institution. 

The move comes amid talk of overhauling the justice system in an effort to provide opportunities to prisoners that could reduce recidivism.

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