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Ensuring an accurate vote

Dominion Voting Systems and other election software have vulnerabilities, but layers of security guard against widespread fraud

A Lehigh County, Pa., uses a machine to open ballot envelopes. AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Ensuring an accurate vote
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Emily Belz

Emily is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and previously reported for the The New York Daily News, The Indianapolis Star, and Philanthropy magazine. Emily resides in New York City.



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Searwar Family


I don't know if many people understand what "source code" means.  Which is basically all the files that make an application work.  There doesn't appear to be any insight into code audits via tools like SonarQube or Nexus IQ.  These checks can help expose vulnerabilities and inspection of what exactly the software is doing and has the ability to do.  But that's usually done when using opensource components though not exclusively.  But it is best practice to do continuous code review during build processes.  

Another concerning aspect is the access to USB ports.  Most security minded firms disable USB ports.  For instance, all the USB ports for all emplyees at my work are disabled.  It is terrifyingly easy to insert a USB drive that can auto-launch code to hide in RAM.   Which can remove itself when searched for and certainly disappear when power is lost. 

I suppose it's all proprietary software, and the last I've read they were running on Windows 7.  (https://apnews.com/article/e5e070c31f3c497fa9e6875f426ccde1)  There isn't a whole lot of transparency to much of the infrastructure.  There could be valid reasons for that, but you could have the logs indexed and ensure they are immutable.

I don't know if there was enough fraud to affect the election, but all and any vulnerabilities should certainly be addressed.  Vulnerabilites just don't disappear on their own.  It requires pro-active diligence.  But if you know the build, you can open and close vulnerabilities at will.  Scary stuff.  In an information age, battle landscapes are much different than land, sea and air.

-Middleware Engineer

Shelley Tuttle

In order to have a comprehensive look at all affidavits that witness to the Dominion Voting System being able to be rigged or manipulated, I think each point of Sidney Powell's of which there are 30 needs to be addressed. Here is a link to all of them: https://myvalleynews.com/sidney-powell-suit-makes-30-allegations-in-bid-to-invalidate-georgia-election-results/. Sidney Powell has a lot at stake, and her "acusations" were not off-the-cuff  from the Twilight Zone (as a highly-regarded attorney, she ostensibly does not put forth shoddily acquired facts), but, I believe, soundly mustered in order to prove that there was substantial hanky panky going on. Someone else said it here, but to repeat--based on the history of deliberate and incessant actions against Trump to get him impeached when the truth was borne out over time--some people will do anything and everthing to get rid of him. Need we leave that concern out of the picture? Christians often sanitize evil because they themselves have known little of it in their lifetimes or they discount its reality because they want to believe the best or they are persuaded by people's rhetoric. Please examine every point and don't throw the "baby out with the bathwater" because one or more of them may seem incredible to you. Something happened in this election, and we need to get to the bottom of it whether the outcome will be for Trump or Biden. 


I am currently a housewife, but I have done computer programming and have many friends still in that field, as well as friends who are statisticians and other kinds of scientists and engineers. 

I am hearing from numbers people that the numbers didn't add up (and there are many obvious logical inconsistencies such as how did a Democrat who really didn't even run for this position do so much better than Obama, who was popular, active, and good-looking), that the Dominion security is appalling, and that once you separate secret ballots from their proof of coming from an eligible voter, it is very very difficult to prove even widespread fraud.

This is why the burden of proof should be on those who claim the election was secure. So far I am hearing "they said", "he claimed", "she said". I am not hearing PROOF of security. The system is supposed to be built for security, so it should be easy to show what measures were taken to require security - unless they weren't taken.

Meanwhile I am hearing lots of credible allegations from people with little to gain and much to lose by making them.

Please look further into the numbers - talk to some numbers people. We need to see some evidence from election officials, and explanations for unbelievable numbers.


Here is an expert talking about the vulnerabilities of the Dominion voter system. 


Tim, more propaganda you spew. Are you part of the propaganda campaign to win the election for Democrats? If you can convince just enough Republicans to not fight the voter fraud then you win where we surrender to to the big lie - that Biden won the election. I had to take a break from the election and enjoy my Thanksgiving Day but shortly will confront your distorted information.


Cyborg3, I do appreciate your willingness to put your opinion and facts on the table. In the interests of dialog, and respectfully, I want to respond, mostly because you speak for a lot of people, including friends of mine.

"The first was the Silicon Valley tech companies that effectively censored the news for everyone enabling them to pick up 6 million votes (likely much more) for Biden." 

I don't approve of the censorship, but these are private companies who have that right, just as World, Epoch Times, Parler, etc., have that right. I think Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity selectively report the news, excluding news that does not benefit their side, and sometimes spread outright falsehoods. That doesn't mean that if Trump had been reelected, I could have called it a stolen election. The voters have a responsibility and the options (more than ever) to dig down and get to the truth. There's no law currently against a social media company suppressing some stories. If you don't like that, you may start your own social media company that features the stories the others suppress.

"The second was the big money given by Zuckerberg ($350 million) to effectively define the voting process in the big cities such as Atlanta." 

Because of COVID, elections were much more expensive this year. People did not want to work the polls, and there was a huge amount of early voting/absentee ballots. The states and municipalities were strapped in their budgets, and a non-profit stepped in to help pay pollworkers. While this certainly could be problematic, it is legal and does not appear (in my opinion) to have been done to ensure voter fraud, but rather to ensure that all votes would be counted. If it was done to ensure voter fraud, let's see the evidence that voter fraud took place or that this was the intention. But, the bottom line is, absent clear evidence of intent to commit voter fraud, it is not illegal for Zuckerburg to donate money to pay pollworkers any more than it was illegal for Andrew Carnegie to build libraries with his money.

"The third was the using the Coronavirus to keep poll watchers from doing their jobs so votes could be run up by duplicate counting of ballots, changing ballots, eliminating ballots, creating ballots and much more."  

COVID is real. I know people who've died from it. I have a neighbor who lost 5 family members, and know of others who have lost even more. There are basic CDC guidelines in place, and poll watchers were responsible to follow them. I have not seen credible reports of duplicate counting, illegally changing ballots, etc., but I have seen some claims debunked. I'm interested in seeing evidence if this indeed happened.

"The fourth was massive delivery of ballots at late/early hours to stuff the ballot boxes."

No evidence that this happened, that I've seen. I'm open to credible evidence, but based on the false rumors from Detroit, I suspect most other claims like this are bogus. (See this article: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/11/24/michigan-election-trump-voter-fraud-democracy-440475 and note the quotes from Brian Calley, among others.)

"The last was to use the Dominion and other voting systems to increase the vote where they later took in ballots so that the numbers matched." 

"According to The Washington Post, the Dominion software called into question by Trump was used in only two out of five counties where the president is alleging votes were switched in Georgia and Michigan. Georgia has just completed counting all 5 million ballots by hand and announced Friday that Biden won the state by about 12,000 votes. If a software company had switched votes, the hand counting would have caught it. Georgia’s in-person election system does use an electronic machine, but that machine then prints a ballot that the voter reviews before casting it. That paper record – the one reviewed by voters — is what was used during the recount." - Denver Post


The Trump administration did not disavow Sidney Powell. Her investigation is on behalf of #WethePeople. The Sunday announcement has since been further explained by the Trump team. I have been disappointed with the coverage here of the challenges. I would have expected a bit more info on the stories being covered daily on Newsmax and the Epoch Times.


Emily Belz and World have done a good job running down these rabbit trails. Would that Metaxes and others who are pushing these theories would take a few minutes to double-check their sources before they push them out to their listeners.

The information about Michigan is correct. We use paper ballots and tally them by computer. Several counties, including those with Dominion, double-checked their precinct tally sheets with the computer tabulation and it was accurate.

The Dominion theory is so far-fetched, and appears to have so little evidence behind it that I sincerely question the rest of the theories Metaxes and others are promulgating.