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Blood in the streets, tension in the air

Shootings are up across the United States, while some communities try to rebuild trust with police

Brooklyn’s “God Squad” of pastors and mothers of shooting victims gathers around the corner from the site of a recent murder as Pastor Gil Monrose speaks through a megaphone. AG

Blood in the streets, tension in the air
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Emily Belz

Emily is a senior reporter for WORLD Magazine. She is a World Journalism Institute graduate and previously reported for the The New York Daily News, The Indianapolis Star, and Philanthropy magazine. Emily resides in New York City.



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The "God Squad" and similar efforts are encouraging. However, I'm puzzled by two things.

(1) The insistence that "social workers instead of cops respond to calls involving the mentally ill" -- What do social workers think about that? Have cities that "defunded" police recruited social workers to fill in the gap? What has been the success of recruiting and hiring social workers for emergency response? How is it determined that an emergency call involves a mentally ill person?

(2) Pouring out "bottles of Hennessy [cognac] and champagne on the sidewalk" -- How does pouring out expensive alcohol honor (?!!) a man whose mother "sat, stricken and silent, on a beat-up office chair on the sidewalk" in a poverty-stricken community? The man was not Jesus (Who was honored by the pouring out of expensive perfume). The man's mother, however, is just as grief-stricken as Mary was.   


This is a very poor article because it fails to address the real reasons for the spike in violence. It is implied that both Democrat and Republican cities have a spike in violence so blame cannot be applied to one party. This is a complete distortion of the facts because the Democrats, their liberal media, and their radical groups (BLM, AntiFa, immigration groups, communists, etc) are attempting to use the few rare cases where police kill blacks unjustifiably (or it appears that way) to rally support to eliminate police and make them appear to be racist. 

This attack on police has had a very negative effect on the relationship between police and the communities that they protect - especially the inner cities. Riots and protests have happened in nearly all large cities. The impact is that police have had to back off from their communities giving the corrupt element greater freedom to operate and take advantage of the local communities. 

My complaint against this article is that nothing is said about BLM, AntiFa, communists, and the support given by the Democrats to attack the police. Without  looking at these issues you fail to see the elephant sitting in the room. 

I support the work of local Christians - like the God Squad - to diffuse the situations in the inner cities where violence occurs. The radical groups and Democrats need to be called out too for they are pushing a false narrative that systemic racism is the cause of police brutality. The bad cops in America represent a small percentage of the whole and systemic racism is an outright lie. Without a push to challenge these areas, the problem will only get worse as police departments are defunded and the corrupt element expands to fill the void. We can expect exponential growth if this insanity is allowed to continue!

The bigger picture is that the left is attempting to overtake one more institution that has tended to be conservative - the police departments and their unions. The left are power hungry and are angry that a conservative like Trump took power. They are willing to jettison our Constitution to gain power. The far left are actively seeking a coup by using the hatred of police to incite a revolution like the communists have done throughout history. The Democrats are so in love with power that they see the benefits of using the communists fascist tools to gain power. We have yet to see how all this plays out. Sadly, the article never touched on this aspect of what is happening! 

As Christians, we need to be praying that God will stop the destruction of our country because we will not lead "quiet lives" if the Democrats have their way. We will see our Christian liberties done away with as the left seeks total domination. As the statues were torn down because they were viewed as racist so too will the church be eliminated being viewed as racist. I highlight the fact that statues of Jesus were also torn down showing the disdain the left has for those having faith. We must have our eyes wide open to what is happening in America and resist the attempt of Satan to destroy the church! This article hardly opens our eyes to what is happening!