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Letters from our readers

A country up for grabs 

March 13—Jace Bower/Staunton, Va.

Angela Lu Fulton’s nuanced coverage of the coup and the history that led up to it was fascinating. I am praying for the people of Myanmar and for the church that is there. May this present trial lead to a blossoming of the church for the glory of God.

Voter migration

March 13—Molly Crocker/Everson, Wash.

We shouldn’t be surprised that immigrants who are desperate to come here are also not desperate for the socialism they left behind. They should make wonderful conservative voters. Meanwhile, can we imagine an America so prosperous that we have employment kiosks at all points of entry?

Human Race: Limbaugh changed radio

March 13—Paul Speros/Tipp City, Ohio

Rush Limbaugh deserved more than one paragraph in your magazine. He had a zeal for life and a desire for Americans to use their “talent on loan from God” to make the world a better place.

Rhonda Joyner/Cleburne, Texas

Love him or hate him, Rush Limbaugh goes down in history as one of the most influential modern conservatives. He transformed talk radio, gave conservatives a voice, shaped the Republican Party, and was a staunch defender of Christians. It seemed obvious as time passed he grew as a believer and spoke openly of Christ.

Fallout from Zacharias’ abuse begins

March 13—Molly Lamb/Murray, Ky.

My heart breaks for Ravi Zacharias. I have decided against banning his books from my library. The truths are still true even though the man faltered, and they will serve as a reminder that the grace about which he wrote so winningly is to be accepted with deep reverence and humility—ever watchful of the bait of self-gratification and pride.

A call to thrive

March 13—Neil Slattery/Fort Worth, Texas

Marvin Olasky’s interview with Samuel Rodriguez was a huge eye-opener for me, changing my paradigm on Hispanic culture and politics. It gives me long-term hope for the border crisis.

Springing the trap

March 13—Alden Lewis/Carlisle, Pa.

It’s only a matter of time before some scientist who believes in evolution makes a machine that loves him, its maker.

The three tunnels

March 13—Danielle Versluys/Wrightwood, Calif.

Marvin Olasky’s references to Operation Rescue are unfair to that powerful movement. The vast majority of “rescuers” risked their physical safety and freedom in hopes of effecting the eventual outcome of the civil rights movement—legal protection for a targeted minority.

Family dynamics

March 13—Rachel Gage/Durham, N.C.

I was surprised and disappointed in your recommendation of Preston Sprinkle’s Embodied without caveat or reservation. He advocates for “pronoun hospitality,” an intensely dishonest and damaging way of interacting with transgender people that WORLD rejected in previous articles.

Sarah Horgan/Moscow, Idaho

Thank you so much for citing Katy Faust and Stacy Manning’s Them Before Us. The Equality Act is painted as the new civil rights fight for our time, but children’s rights should be the real focus for Christians concerned with caring “for the least of these.”


Roman Baranovsky faces a six-year prison sentence in connection with his activities as a Jehovah’s Witness (“Crimes and punishments,” March 27, p. 56).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

A call to thrive

March 13—Paul Ratzlaff/Orland, Calif.

With all due respect for Samuel Rodriguez and his ministry, I must express skepticism regarding his assurance that “the Latino community is the vaccine against socialism in America.” Latinos tend to vote for Democrats here in California, and since Democrats expand government, they are, in effect, the party of socialism. Perhaps Latinos wouldn’t choose socialism per se, but they typically make a de facto choice for it when they vote.

Human Race: Limbaugh changed radio

March 13—Hugh Wise/Charlotte, N.C.

The article on Rush Limbaugh’s death was much too short and failed to honor a great man who impacted American politics so greatly. I am very disappointed and will not renew my subscription.

The three tunnels

March 13—Tom Hagedorn/Cincinnati, Ohio

I was very involved with the pro-life movement in Cincinnati from the late 1980s until about 1993. We had no support in the media (I know because I handled public relations for our local Operation Rescue group), little support from supposedly pro-life politicians, and, most hurtful, little support from some other believers.

The red coat

Feb. 27—Jerri Ryan/Lake Geneva, Wis.

Janie B. Cheaney’s column brought me to tears since it is exactly how God so often shows Himself to me.

Ardis Sutton/Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you, Janie, for the reminder of God’s love in the little things. At 71, I have a few items of clothing, jewelry, books, etc., that speak loudly of God’s love in the day-to-day living on earth. While I was “hunting for a coat with you,” knowing the outcome, I was reminded of them and gave thanks.

“Apportioned as He wills”

Feb. 27—Freida Lansing/Memphis, Tenn.

Andrée Seu Peterson’s column on equality was on target. I read her columns to my husband, and we laugh out loud or moan as is appropriate but always enjoy them. Keep up the good work.

Chemical killer

Jan. 30—Julie Hansell/Minneapolis, Minn.

Thank you for your annual Roe v. Wade issue. It is probably the main reason I subscribe to your magazine, not only to keep myself up to date but also to support your efforts in sharing current abortion trends with your readers.