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Letters from our readers

Chemical killer

Jan. 30—Wanda Kohn/Leesburg, Fla.

I’ve been involved with the pro-life movement for many years, and yet I still learned a lot from what you published in your annual Roe v. Wade issue. It will be a must-read for the client advocates and staff at our pregnancy center ministry.

Editor’s note: Wanda Kohn is director of the Pregnancy & Family Care Center in Leesburg, Fla., and WORLD’s 2007 Daniel of the Year. Leah Hickman interviewed her last fall (“Reaching hearts in crisis,” Nov. 21, 2020, p. 32).

Eric Newton/Washington, N.J.

Oh, the irony of a beautiful pro-life magazine cover just a few months after the magazine’s founder wrote that he couldn’t bring himself to vote for what was arguably the most pro-life administration in U.S. history.

Tonya Conrad/Rock Hill, S.C.

I write the newsletter for our local pregnancy center, Palmetto Women’s Center, and I recently reported on a young woman who came to us desiring an abortion pill reversal. How exciting it was to report the reversal worked and she was blessed with a healthy baby boy.

Birth of a movement

Jan. 30—Bruce Stevens/Milford, Maine

Connie Marshner’s statement that Ronald Reagan was tepid in his interest and support of the pro-life cause surprised me because one of the best pro-life books I ever read was written by President Reagan.

Containing abortion

Jan. 30—John Robertson/Lathrup Village, Mich.

Marvin Olasky wrote about how the pro-life movement will need creativity in responding to the evil of abortion, but the failure to support the best answer to this evil on Nov. 3 was both frustrating and sad. Elections have consequences. One wonders when the sins of Americans will warrant our destruction.

The day mobs overran the Capitol

Jan. 30—Joshua Fields/Brea, Calif.

Harvest Prude did not address the countless reasons why Trump supporters were so upset. I do not condone the violence, and rushing the Capitol was a foolish thing to do, but conservatives have had enough of being silenced, ignored, insulted, and ostracized.

Fifty years on

Jan. 30—Karen Baddorf/Lyman, S.C.

In June 2020, I celebrated 50 years with my “one and only.” In August, he got COVID-19 and passed away three weeks later. Everything Janie B. Cheaney said about the working of 50 years together was so very true of us as well.

Leslie Ritchie/Hastings, Minn.

I gasped when I read “God graciously gave him Alzheimer’s disease.” Only God could put that kind of grace in someone’s heart.

“Elvin’s death”

Jan. 30—Neal Cummings/Rexford, N.Y.

How profoundly sad that this boy’s life was snuffed out after having come so far. Yet, there is hope, which Jamie Dean clearly pointed to as she brought the gospel into clear focus: Elvin’s life was redeemed by our Savior. Hallelujah!

Freedom calling

Jan. 30—Kelli Beuten/Bismarck, N.D.

I was disappointed that Susan Olasky would recommend Where the Crawdads Sing without any caveats. I’ve had this book on my radar for some time now, and I’ve learned it includes quite a bit of bad language and descriptive sexuality.


Judie Brown became executive director of the National Right to Life Committee after being an internal auditor for Kmart’s western region (“Birth of a movement,” Jan. 30, p. 33).

Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 (“Strength amid struggle,” Feb. 13, p. 28).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Quiet in the countryside

Jan. 30—Laurie Boone/Carlsbad, Calif.

We love All Creatures Great and Small for the same reasons Megan Basham does. We need entertainment that is wholesome, thoughtful, peaceful, and uplifting to soothe our sorrowing hearts. Maybe her review of this charming show will inspire copycats.

Chemical killer

Jan. 30—Jim Bates/Marshall, Texas

Your Roe v. Wade issue was informative and deeply heart-touching. As a board member of a pro-life pregnancy center, I see firsthand how love, compassion, and assistance help many women seek alternatives to abortion.

Patricia Chambers/Clover, S.C.

ln reading the Roe v. Wade issue, I wonder about the mother who takes the pill. Has she killed the child who would have cared for her in her old age?

Fifty years on

Jan. 30— Elizabeth Baker/Pittsburg, Texas

Janie B. Cheaney’s columns are always candid and thoughtful, but this one was particularly touching. I pray that other women in difficult situations will find her words filling their sails with fresh energy, and that our Lord will give Janie enough glimpses of laughter and moments of peace that she may experience on a very practical level His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Carroll Mantell/Waxhaw, N.C.

My husband of 44 years was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago. I first noticed something was “wrong” seven years ago when he started profusely thanking the Lord for me when we prayed together. It’s been an amazing journey since then, with the disease making him sweeter and more loving than he ever was before.

Don Johnson/Addy, Wash.

It was refreshing to read of an example of faithfulness in the face of trials.

Rebecca Sodergren/Mountain Top, Pa.

Janie’s column brought me to my knees.


Jan. 16—Bruce McKechnie/Malvern, Pa.

I agree with David A. Williams’ criticism of Daniel of the Year John Perkins for signing on to Evangelicals for Biden. It’s fair for a Christian to not vote for Donald Trump, but it’s entirely something else to sign on to the party that aggressively holds to anti-Biblical social views.

Susan Roskos/Harveys Lake, Pa.

I was so sorry to read of John Perkins’ association with Evangelicals for Biden. With the Biden/Harris record and our concerns for what our country will look like under their administration, I cannot imagine how a Christian could support that. Therefore, we will not subscribe to WORLD anymore.

Slipping through the cracks

Jan. 16—Don Henry/Weston Fla.

Our society has gone from one that at one time housed individuals with mental illness in inadequate or worse institutions to one that just about ignores them. It is disheartening to families and professionals to be powerless to help them find the help they need.

A new take on the Passion

Jan. 16—Julie Lawrence/New York, N.Y.

Thank you for the profile of classical composer Richard Danielpour. As a violinist working in New York City, it is refreshing to see WORLD pay attention to classical music of note. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Danielpour as a student at the Manhattan School of Music.

December deaths

Jan. 16—Judy Frey/Longview, Texas

I was happy to see a section devoted to December 2020 deaths and turned to it looking for Dr. Henry M. Morris III, the recently retired CEO of the Institute for Creation Research who died on Dec. 12. Alas, he was not there. His work as a writer, speaker, and leader in the young-earth creation movement far surpasses that of many of the singers, athletes, and actors you included.


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  • Paul
    Posted: Mon, 03/08/2021 03:14 pm

    Words cannot spell out the impact the Excellence In Braodcast (EIB) network has done for America let alone your own WORLD Magazine.  Rush Limbaugh's zeal for life & love for the people to be all they were designed to be & do; for each to use their 'talent on laon from Jesus' to make the world a better place. 15 hours a week on radio with a 'stack of stuff'' as preparation is an impossible task except for the  broadcater he was.  -And WORLD stole away Joel C Roenberg  from Rush ! 

    Generous in more than words to lift up many, a golden advertiser,  inspiring many to heights they never expected, making many laugh, demonstrating the absurdity in this world by being absurd, and persuadinng  many to common sense as the 'mayor of 'Realville'  were all true blessings