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Letters from our readers

Question about QAnon

Sept. 12—Teresa Mahlstedt/Houston, Texas

QAnon is one of the greatest distractions Satan has thrown at the Church in my lifetime. Many Christians have decided to “do their own research” and in their naïveté have fallen down the rabbit hole. The only cure: Love God with all your mind.

James Brewster/Pomfret, Md.

This article is a hit piece. You implied that Q and his followers have no validity. You should have analyzed whether the QAnon claims have any validity.

Keith Emberton/Leander, Texas

You demeaned the millions of brave Americans who follow Q. We have canceled our subscription.

More than a single issue

Sept. 12—William R. Bouknight/Columbia, S.C.

Fifty years ago racism was the primary moral issue facing America, but now, thankfully, no respectable American defends racism. Today the primary moral issue is abortion.

An explosive reckoning for Beirut

Sept. 12—Andy Cook/Fort Valley, Ga.

I have grieved the loss of investigative reporting in recent years. What a delight to discover WORLD News Group, including your podcasts. I especially commend Mindy Belz’s recent reporting from Beirut, a wonderful combination of courage, compassion, and descriptive writing.

Rising GOP star faces accusations

Sept. 12—Janie Fortney/Southport, N.C.

I was so disappointed that my favorite magazine devoted so much coverage to the accusations against Madison Cawthorn when he was a teenager. It sounds like a political hit job. I’m willing to forgive him for any teenage mistakes he made.

S. Lewis on

If this article offers truthful testimony, it’s not a witch hunt. It’s an exposure of sin. When someone with a pattern of sleazy behavior is running for Congress on a family and faith platform, exposure protects future victims and the conservative movement from the liability of hypocritical politicians. Major kudos to Harvest Prude and her sources.

Patricia Hinkle/Kalamazoo, Mich.

Was the purpose of this article to destroy Madison’s reputation? It was mean-spirited and shameful.

Bob Barnes on

Cawthorn has shown flagrant disregard for women and likely will continue to disregard the interests of his constituents if he wins. It would be better for him not to be elected.

Human fragility

Sept. 12—Coulter Wickerham/Fort Worth, Texas

Janie B. Cheaney handled a very difficult topic with grace. I’ve forwarded her column to others, hoping it will help us through the difficult process to better listening and better solutions.

Cult of personality

Sept. 12—William Rench/Temecula, Calif.

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s appalling lack of Christian character has been known for many years. His $10 million severance package is a great reason for Liberty University donors to reconsider their support.


The No. 3 movie for the weekend of Sept. 18-20 was Infidel (“Box Office Top 10,” Oct. 10, p. 25).

Kristan Hawkins is president of Students for Life of America (“Calling on a fighter to fight,” Oct. 10, p. 56).

Patty Nevins retired from her library job (“Lives in sync,” Oct. 10, p. 69).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Questions about QAnon

Sept. 12—Robert Kroening/Ocoee, Tenn.

The concept of conspiracy is both Biblical and historical, but some people use it to explain almost every adverse high-level event. You assumed that QAnon is wrong rather than proved it by examining Q’s statements.

Tim Anger/Emmaus, Pa.

I think Q is popular because his posts tend to be very supportive of Trump. It seems like the “bad guys” in government always get away with their shenanigans, but Q gives hope that justice is coming.

Rising GOP star faces accusations

Sept. 12—Doug Oliver/Toledo, Ohio

I love WORLD, but the decision to give six full pages to the allegedly “aggressive sexual behavior” of a teen-aged boy is incomprehensible.

R.C. Harrelson/Edneyville, N.C.

Such juvenile articles offered in the vein of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings won’t persuade me to vote for any Democrat.

Mark Howard/Allentown, Pa.

Just as I was near despair of finding a news source offering well-researched, even-handed, non-partisan stories about political figures, this article gave me hope. The response from the campaign was a shocking display of arrogance.

William H. Johnson/Cromwell, Conn.

We were very disappointed with this tabloid-style “he said, she said” article. If Cawthorn truly is a believer in Jesus Christ and has repented, God has forgiven him. If he hasn’t repented, let’s let the Holy Spirit convict him.

Gordon S. Hassing/Hilton Head Island, S.C.

I’m disappointed. These cases always come down to “he said, she said.” It’s up to the local North Carolina voters to decide.

Bob Francis/Wakefield, Mass.

Thank you for calling out Cawthorn. A Christian man doesn’t act like that.

More than a single issue

Sept. 12—Paul Merrill/Littleton, Colo.

I loved this column. It convicted me about my need to pray.

Steve Shive on

Kudos to Joel Belz for reaching out and engaging someone who disagrees with him, rather than firing back some verbal volleys.

Anxious strolls

Sept. 12—Sam Lochninger on

Thank you to Andrée Seu Peterson for going to a place where fear abounds but still trusting Jesus. We are not safe anywhere, but Jesus is still victor and we are still called to serve.

Quick Takes

Sept. 12—David Pollock/Westover, Md.

You described an attack by an angry “cow,” but your photo showed a “bull.” I guess if an animal is angry and threatening it does not matter what sex it is. Back away slowly, and never turn and run.

The Sift

Sept. 11—Linda West/Rancho Bernardo, Calif.

I am a longtime WORLD reader, and recently I have especially enjoyed The Sift and WORLD Watch. As my local newspaper has grown more progressive, I find your writing objective, upbeat, and personable.

Book critic wins cancel culture showdown

Sept. 1—Doug Norquist on

Nobody won. Everyone failed to move forward with this difficult conversation. It was a fine study in how not to engage one another in the midst of painful disagreements.

Rescue teams needed

Aug. 29—Peggy Soneson/Orrington, Maine

I wish Marvin Olasky would acknowledge that President Trump is the best option for our country and the promotion of Christian values in America. As Christians, we know God is sovereign no matter who wins the election, but we still have a responsibility to support leaders who will advance Christian principles.

Justices for all

Aug. 29—Wayne Wilson/Little Rock, Ark.

I do not share Steve West’s optimism concerning the recent Supreme Court decisions on religious liberty issues. Where he sees an attempt to assure everyone “that their deep commitments will be protected,” I see the SCOTUS driving religious liberty indoors by affirming faith as long as it is practiced behind the walls of religious institutions and does not spill out onto the rest of society.

The evil within

Aug. 15—Bob McKee/High Point, N.C.

At the heart of the matter—of any matter—is the need to understand the evil within ourselves, our rescue through Christ, and the need to extend His grace and love to others. Thanks to Janie B. Cheaney for her wisdom and excellence of expression.

Telling the truth

Aug. 1—Cindy Fletcher/Savannah, Ga.

Thanks to Megan Basham for her review of Mr. Jones, which my husband and I watched. We were both inspired and chilled to see the “high cost of bearing false witness” in Stalin’s 1933 Soviet Union. It also motivated me to re-read Orwell’s Animal Farm, which is all too relevant to 2020 America.