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Letters from our readers

Public school uncertainties

Aug. 29—Dave Exley/West Melbourne, Fla.

The phrase “police their children” during virtual education is misleading for parents. To train up a child, I suggest “supervising” and “mentoring” offer a better mindset.

Rescue teams needed

Aug. 29—Barry Bertram/Campbellsville, Ky.

I had never heard of a “Siberian Dilemma,” but it fits our situation in our choice for president. We must not give in since God is still on the throne!

Read, learn, enjoy

Aug. 29—Phillip Woeckener/Tallahassee, Fla.

It takes work and effort to educate your children. But at the rate the teachers unions are going, they’ll not have to worry about having any children left to teach.

Thomas Christiansen/Seattle, Wash.

Via a videoconferencing app, I started Grandpa’s homeschool lessons for my seven grandchildren. Our daily lessons are less than five minutes on random topics: classical music, how to tie a square knot, English language idioms (the kids’ favorite), antonyms versus synonyms, etc. It helps me connect with my grandkids and provides a needed break for their moms.

Expanding the family

Aug. 29—Henry Huie/Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.

Joel Belz’s very informative column omitted one bit of history that some of us old-timers remember: the birth of WORLD out of the ashes of the old Presbyterian Journal. I recall the early struggles and am pleased to see what has evolved over the years. Keep up the good work!

Guardrails on mountain passes

Aug. 29—Heather Merrill/Littleton, Colo.

Reading about wisdom and the hope to keep trying to heal our culture inspired me to not give up and not neglect to take action toward the redemption of our world.

The complexities of the past

Aug. 29—Monica Bennett Firchow on Facebook

Excellent interview. It’s a clear explanation of the bigger problems with the 1619 Project.

The evil within

Aug. 15—Bob McKee/High Point, N.C.

I am struck by the need to understand the evil within ourselves, the rescue from outside of ourselves through Christ, and the need to extend His grace and love to others still resisting or in process of discovery.


Aug. 29—Phyllis Brumm/Hastings, Mich.

I’m disappointed you have reduced Mailbag to just one page. I find the letter writers insightful and helpful in putting topics in perspective. You have pages of entertainment, books, and other articles I skip over. You seem to lack balance.

The Sift and World Watch

Linda West/Rancho Bernardo, Calif.

I am a longtime reader of WORLD Magazine, and more recently I started reading The Sift and watching World Watch each morning. Because my local newspaper has grown more and more progressive, I had this thought: I pay for a subscription to the paper, so I like the idea of starting a regular donation to support WORLD.


The documentary Uncle Tom (“On a lonely road,” Aug. 29) has no affiliation with the American Enterprise Institute.

Until COVID-19 arrived, Overflow Café hosted an open mic night every Friday, led biweekly by Levin Lewis (“Overflow of love,” Sept. 26, p. 61).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

On a lonely road

Aug. 29—Steve Sorensen on Facebook

I watched Uncle Tom, and no rating system would have enough stars for it.

Angie Bell Morrissette on Facebook

This is an excellent documentary, and Larry Elder is the bomb!

Rescue teams needed

Aug. 29—Peggy Soneson/Orrington, Maine

Like many, Marvin Olasky cannot overcome his dislike of President Trump and see that there is a critical difference between him and Joe Biden—a difference that is crucial to the future of America, our Constitution, our First Amendment rights, and the right for life. 

ICE and illegal immigrants

Aug. 29—Sonya Vaughn on Facebook

Those who seek power for their own sinful gain should be prosecuted, but we can’t blame an entire agency.

Expanding the family

Aug. 29—Mary Lee Sonke on Facebook

I still remember some of the stories and special features from when I read It’s God’s World as a student from 1983 to 1986. Then I participated in God’s World Book Fairs as a teacher in the 1990s. Great memories!

Telling the truth

Aug. 1—Cindy Fletcher/Savannah, Ga.

My husband and I are thankful for Megan Basham’s review of Mr. Jones, which we watched. We were both inspired and chilled about “the high cost of bearing false witness” in Stalin’s 1933 Soviet Union. It motivated me to reread Orwell’s Animal Farm. All too relevant to 2020 America.


Aug. 15—Elizabeth Kerr/Ontario, Calif.

Conrad Showalter wrote that “listening to quiet but powerful voices in years past might have prevented the recent rise of more violent voices.” I agree, but we need to do more. Only God can change people’s hearts, but we are responsible for challenging and rebuking those who act hatefully against others. We are responsible for looking beyond the riots and the violence of today to see what lies behind them instead of just rejecting the protestors, and for doing the hard work of changing our society into one that is more just and respectful toward everyone since we are all made in the image of God and therefore valuable and precious.