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Letters from our readers

Battle-tested medical workers

April 25—Phoebe Rist/Leesburg, Va.

I praise God for these heroes on the front lines, for God’s mercy, and for WORLD. These past weeks your emails and online news feed have been a constant source of reliable, balanced, and godly reflection on current events.

Christy Davis Nordstrom on Facebook

This was sobering and inspiring. I am praying for these servants, and that those who have true hope can share it with their co-workers and patients.

Eric Ritchie on

Thank you for your coverage of this crisis. I’ve been a reader for nearly 30 years and now, more than ever, WORLD has been a breath of fresh air.

Gathering storms

April 25—Robert Vreugde/El Lago, Texas

I don’t see the “ban” on church services as tyranny. It’s an attempt to keep crowds of people from infecting each other. And Sunday has become for me this weird day of rest rather than a day of frantic, holy busyness—is that Biblical?

Jim Bernheisel/Jonestown, Pa.

Of course I am concerned about those becoming sick, but it’s discouraging that some downplay the loss of our civil liberties. I never believed I would see the day when Americans were told they could not work or go to church.

Karen Davis/Exton, Pa.

Acts 17 tells us that God does not dwell in temples made with hands. Believers have reasonable alternatives to disobeying civil authorities during this pandemic.


Dispatches: By the numbers

April 25—Jim and Gretchen McManus/Swoope, Va.

We always enjoy getting a true Christian perspective in WORLD, but you failed to include the No. 1 cause of death in the U.S.: abortion.

Everybody sing!

April 25—Bruce P. McKechnie/Malvern, Pa.

Janie B. Cheaney’s column was terrific, especially the comment that God would rather hear our voices than a worship band. It drives me crazy that my church’s contemporary service has low lights, loud guitars, and drums, focusing attention on the band while drowning out the audience—er, congregation.

Deborah L. Humphrey on Facebook

I miss all of it: the beautiful praise music that made me choke up, the preaching, the hugging, the prayers, the presence of the Holy Spirit, the smell of coffee, the chatter and giggles of the little ones running to their classrooms, my Sunday school class—just everything!

No more business as usual

April 25—Randy Crews/Spokane, Wash.

Sophia Lee’s article on the hardships small businesses face is only the tip of the iceberg. Many will survive only another month or two. If we eradicate the economy along with the virus, the cure will be worse than the disease.

Praying for rain

April 25—Floyd Kramer Jr. on Facebook

I am praying for ultimate healing, and that God the Father would turn the hearts of this nation back to Him.

Maker of beautiful sounds

April 25—Brad O’Brien on

I learn about so many gifted performers in WORLD but too often after they have passed. I wonder if jazz painist McCoy Tyner ever deigned to tickle the ivories in a Sunday morning service.


Windermere teacher Marie Paneth, who knew Sigmund Freud and was his daughter’s friend, used art therapy to encourage children’s expression (“Bringing children back to life,” May 9, p. 27).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Battle-tested medical workers

April 25—The Aubrey Family/Fort Ann, N.Y.

We are so grateful for your thoughtful, careful coverage of the world at a time like this. You are holding out our living hope and God’s sovereignty alongside news stories we wouldn’t otherwise hear about.

Elizabeth Jones on

I don’t see how churches meeting together in person, in defiance of local ordinances, helps share the gospel. Doing something that harms members, visitors, and seekers is much more likely to hurt our witness than help it.

Gathering storms

April 25—Lee Edmonds/Cooperstown, N.Y.

We must not cling legalistically to large Sunday gatherings, but rather worship in spirit and truth.

Rising and falling

April 25—Scott Keller/Snellville, Ga.

I am a practicing physician on the “front lines” and a believer in Christ, and I just need to applaud this commentary by Marvin Olasky.

Everybody sing!

April 25—Joan Brauning on Facebook

Even though our church has livestreaming, it’s not the same. I miss the togetherness from actually being together, and I’m not even a “people person.” I pray the isolation ends soon.

Sherry Early on Facebook

I want to sing praises and hymns in my church community. I sound weak and anemic by myself in front of a screen.

Dana Neff Bitto on Facebook

Some members of our small church family are sick with COVID-19 because they were part of the Skagit Valley Chorale in Mount Vernon, Wash. They followed social distancing, but in four hours of singing, 45 of 60 members were infected and two have died. Our church is worshipping via Zoom. It was so good to see the faces of those who got sick. We will all sing together again.

Kathy Wilhelmi Dronebarger on Facebook

I miss all the parts of our service, but especially the first hour. We have a “breaking of bread” where men share Scripture and thoughts as we prepare for the bread and wine. It’s interspersed with hymns, prayer, and silent contemplation. It’s the best.

Norman Carson/Beavery Falls, Pa.

My heart rejoiced to read this column. My psalm-singing ancestry can be traced to the Scotland and Ireland of at least the 17th century. Whenever God directs the current virus away we “Covenanters” will gather to sing His praise.

An adaptation of the gospels worth watching

April 11—Darla Windal Buschhorn Griffin on Facebook

I have watched first season of The Chosen. I cried and laughed and felt convicted all over again. It was wonderful.

Meg McGranaghan on Facebook

I have really enjoyed the series. Yes, it takes poetic license, but it touches my heart every time Jesus heals someone or calls then to follow him.

Angel McGehee on Facebook

It is accurate about what is explicit in the Bible and beautifully creative about what isn’t. I also loved how they portrayed female characters, and how Jesus treated women and children.

Inside the outbreak: Creative disruption

April 11—Greg Cook

I find great comfort in highlighting the providential nature of God in this world. Providence gives us strength even when we can’t predict the outcome ourselves.

The vaccine waiting game

April 14—Gayle Anna Johnson on Facebook

A reasonable article reporting on the hope of a new vaccine. We are hoping for early success in vaccine research, but we understand the reality too.

My wonderfully strange wedding

April 16—Rhoda Snader Zook on Facebook

Congratulations to Sophia Lee and her new husband! I’m both disappointed and thrilled for them, all at the same time. The fabulous thing is that you know how to focus on the positive and these will be your memories. And the kiss—hilarious!

Sharon Gamble on Facebook

I’m so glad they persevered. I pray they go forward in the Lord’s strength, creating a life together that is a testimony to God's great and persevering love for us.

Elizabeth Toney Mangrum on Facebook

What a beautiful community Sophia and David have surrounded themselves with as they leap into the adventure called marriage.


April 11—Steve McCully/Auburn, Wash.

I grew up watching Koufax and Gibson and Ryan battle those Hall of Fame hitters in the ‘60s and ‘70s. This documentary was a great trip down memory lane.