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Letters from our readers

When disaster visits the vulnerable

April 11—Lois Droege on Facebook

If my dad had died this year instead of last year, his daughters and grandchildren would not have been with him at the end. When people are old and frail, there is no moral reason to leave them abandoned to die alone, with or without a virus.

—Kelley Burgess/Anna, Texas

WORLD is doing a tremendous job covering different virus stories. And it’s a huge comfort in the midst of this crisis to tune in to the podcast and hear the familiar voices of everyone at The World and Everything in It.

What about that empty tomb?

April 11—Karen Vannatta/Burlington, Wash.

We bought Jon Meacham’s book in anticipation of Easter but lost our enthusiasm by page 7, where he writes that he doesn’t believe “Jesus is the only route to salvation.” Why write a book pretending you accept the Truth when you obviously do not?

—Donald F. Thompson/Bristol, Tenn.

Wow. Meacham says the Gospels are “trustworthy because they’re troubling.” I wonder what role truth plays in his thinking?

—Charles Wisdom/Fulshear, Texas

When I discovered Meacham’s articles several years ago, I wanted to believe evangelical Christians had a representative in high places. Meacham gets close but never crosses the finish line. The physical resurrection is too much for him to embrace.

Stagger and recover

April 11—Bob Cremer on

I agree. America is usually a little late getting into the game, but we come on so strong the opposition gets blown away. I think we will be through this long before 2021.

—Pat Meierhenry/Lincoln, Neb.

Another Reformer, Martin Luther, wrote during the bubonic plague that he would pray for God’s protection: “Then I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine, and take it. I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed. … If my neighbor needs me, however, I shall not avoid place or person, but will go freely.”

Creative disruption

April 11—Sandra S. Langley/Vienna, Va.

Thank you for a superb column connecting the disruption of the resurrection with the disruption of the pandemic. The sovereign God interrupts our plans to accomplish His gracious will.

—Kipper Tabb/Duluth, Iowa

I reflected on this article as friends buried their grandson of 18 years with an audience of no more than 10. Your reminders of Zechariah and Mary were wonderful.

Prepared hearts

April 11—K. Faris on

Our church supports Dr. Russ White, and my husband and I have been to Tenwek Hospital in Kenya. It’s an amazing place with a compassionate, talented, and committed staff. The Tenwek motto is “We treat, Jesus heals.”

Going the distance

April 11—Lissa Roberson/Gallatin, Tenn.

I hope distance learning produces a sea change in higher education, a bloated commercial enterprise that has saddled too many college kids with debt and degrees that are not worth the price tag.

COVID-19 on the streets

April 11—Amanda Sternberg on

I work in the homeless service field in a large, Midwest city, and there is so much going on right now to help ensure people who are homeless are safe.