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Green energy blues

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Green energy blues

A new documentary from Michael Moore shines a light on environmentalism’s problems

If Rush Limbaugh bashes the green-energy movement, it’s politics as usual. When Michael Moore does too, storms brew on the left.

Moore is the executive producer of the new documentary Planet of the Humans. Longtime collaborator Jeff Gibbs is the film’s writer, producer, director, and narrator. If Gibbs is right, green practices are doing more harm than good, and many advocates know it.

For one, billionaires and capitalists have overtaken the environmental movement, Gibbs argues: “Here’s Al Gore … pretending to care about rainforests while lobbying Congress on behalf of the sugarcane industry” that’s deforesting Brazil’s Amazon basin.

Another problem: Green energy sources are consuming the planet. Biomass power plants strip forests bare and aren’t nearly as efficient as coal plants. 

The green industry’s dirtiest secret: Most of these supposedly environmentally friendly power plants utilize back-up fossil-fuel sources. It’s not Gibbs’ goal, but some viewers will think the film makes the case for continued use of oil, gas, and coal.

What’s Gibbs’ solution? “Getting a grip on our out-of-control human presence and consumption,” Moore writes. That’s about how vaguely the film (unrated with a few expletives) broaches population control. 

Good stewardship is a duty. But the Bible rejects the idea that there are, as one interviewee says, “too many human beings.” Generous sharing of resources is God’s blueprint—and greenprint—for life.


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  • RC
    Posted: Thu, 06/04/2020 12:14 pm

    How much oil, gas and energy were wasted making this film? The radical environmental people are too self-centered to lead by example in exercising their solution. Since they won’t eliminate their own presence in the world, why would they expect anyone else to?  When humans abandon the Creaters plan for right living it results in ultimate self destruction.  His Word is true and right and works. It requires sacrificing self-centerness, something few are willing to practice.