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Letters from our readers

2020 Children’s Books of the Year

 Feb. 29—Amy Flanders Bunch on Facebook 

Thank you for WORLD’s children’s book recommen­dations! I look forward to them and always save those articles for future reference. They are a gold mine for parents.

—Holly Massie on Facebook

Children need parents to filter books. Parents should read some of the “objectionable” ones with their kids and discuss them. Banning books is not a good idea; teaching children to discern and think critically is.

—Gina Shatney on Facebook

I cried in a library reading Home in the Woods. It’s a really beautiful picture book.

Reforming Trump

Feb. 29—John Marshall/Columbia, Mo.

If I could change one thing about Trump and our politics, I would want a return to some semblance of civility. I don’t see voting for a Democrat, but political expediency is the only way I could justify voting for a man as flawed as Trump in terms of character and integrity.

—Sara Mosher Giesmann on Facebook

Trump isn’t perfect, but what he has done for the economy, employment, life issues, border security, and the military far outweighs his personal foibles.

Nelson Banuchi on Facebook

If I had the power to change the Trump administration, I would remove Trump.

—Kathy Wilhelmi Dronebarger on Facebook

Trump should stop tweeting. Now. And do something to bring down the cost of medical insurance.

—Donna Salzer Menzies on Facebook

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because I didn’t believe he was pro-life. Now the evidence is in. I will vote for him in 2020.

—Dwayne Greene/Lexington, S.C.

Trump is enjoying success, but I worry that as he challenges traditional limits of authority and divisions of power, more norms will fall. What happens when we get a socialist-leaning president with newly found executive power? What goes around comes around.

—Helen Christoff on Facebook

I am appalled that any Christian would vote for any of the Democratic candidates instead of Trump. Despite his obvious character flaws, he has accomplished much.

While Washington fiddles

Feb. 29—Angie Norell on

Thank you to Mindy Belz for this column about the global effects of political games in Washington. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are winners in the impeachment mud-fest, and Ukrainians have paid a price for the show.

Don’t rock the boat … just yet

Feb. 29—H.L. Roberts Jr./Columbia, Tenn.

This interesting interview with Carol Tobias illustrates how the courts now govern our country rather than our elected representatives. She repeatedly refers to the U.S. Supreme Court as determining abortion law. Imagine what might happen if liberals get control of the court again.


On the Road With Saint Augustine by James K.A. Smith quotes Augustine saying, “To desire the aid of grace is the beginning of grace” (“On the Augustinian road,” March 28, p. 33).

Under therapist Christopher Doyle, Nathan Gniewek sat in group therapy with other men while they attempted to visualize their emotionally wounded inner child (“No change allowed,” March 14, p. 57).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

Infectious anger

March 14—Leslie Ritchie/Hastings, Minn.

I chuckled when your issue “Battling Coronavirus” arrived sealed in plastic.

Shadow groups within shadow groups

March 14—Bobbie Keith/Garland, Texas

There are so many people in need besides Christians in Iran. I wish we could help persecuted people in Nigeria, China, and Myanmar! But we give so much, and it is hard to know where to draw the lines.

Weak countries with big bluffs

March 14—William Peck on Facebook

The first part of the interview was really interesting, and then Marvin Olasky asked about morality and George Friedman failed miserably.

A socialist future?

March 14—Rich ThorneE/Bettles, Alaska

There is most definitely a gigantic conspiracy at work. It’s not so much from Russia or China, but from the devil, who is using socialism to reach his goals.

—Brenda Sistler on Facebook

Parents have the God-ordained responsibility to educate their children. That can be done in addition to other school settings, but parents must teach right from wrong, responsibility, accountability, and that the God who made us is the standard and judge.

Fear broken

March 14—Priscilla Berends on Facebook

This is an amazing story of a brother willing to sacrifice to spread the love of God.

A broken system

March 6—Amy Stanton on Facebook

This is such a good article. Thank you for the inside perspective of the struggles of poverty.

—Kristin Alexander on Facebook

I love hearing about the Church caring for those in need. This is how it should be.

Seattle hunkers down

March 4—Beth Daranciang on Facebook

As a Seattle resident myself, thank you for a great article.

—Andrea Ludema on Facebook

I don’t suppose those people gathering in a crowd at Costco thought about how that’s a good way to spread the virus.

—Lib Harris Noori on Facebook

May the love and power of Christ shine more brightly in the face of the fear of this illness.

Two-man race

March 4—John Neff on Facebook

I can’t imagine either Sanders or Biden managing a local department store. In charge of our country? May it never be.

—Tina Hollenbeck on Facebook

I find it quite funny that the “party of diversity” is down to two old, straight, white guys. I don’t play identity politics, but the party that embraces the notion sure is hypocritical.

A ‘torturous and unnecessary path’

March 3—Luann Lee on Facebook

In addition to the moral implications, why, when we know that taking hormones can be dangerous, would we even consider giving them to children who haven’t even reached puberty?

—Caryn Jenkins on Facebook

This kind of medical treatment is the antithesis of the Hippocratic Oath. I don’t understand why those people try to deny basic human science.

—Shari Smith on Facebook

My heart is heavy for all those young people getting this kind of “treatment.” I believe we will see many more such lawsuits in the future. “There is a way that seems right to a man,” but it is the path to destruction.

Math gets woke

Jan. 18—John Tidswell/Damascus, Oreg.

As a public middle- school math teacher for many years, I have witnessed the shift from tolerance of people to an expectation that we will affirm others’ views and lifestyles. This is permeating our youth and their future. Our teaching practices are being revised across -the -board, in core and non-core classes. As followers of Christ, we must continue to build relationships that are real, spiritually legitimate, and that point others to the only real hope in Jesus.


March 14—Don Drage on Facebook

God’s plans and ways are sure. When it looks like evil is prevailing, God turns the situation on its head.

Lessons in humility

March 14—R. Michael Small/North Brookfield, Mass.

As I read about Pastor Thomas, I was struck by the futility of seeking to be a perfect role model. Scripture is full of humans who were less than perfect, but God still used them mightily.

Becoming best picture

March 14—Christine Bwalya Jordan

Parasite is one of the most disturbing films I’ve seen. It reminded me that at every level of human society, apart from the transforming power of Jesus we are all actors in this parasitical life.