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Letters from our readers

Infectious anger 

March 14—Pauline Marie Ferrill on Facebook

Perhaps the fact that other countries are tired of China hiding outbreaks and stealing intellectual property might help the Chinese people secure for themselves a more democratic government.

March 14—John Kloosterman on Facebook

This seems to have distracted attention from Hong Kong protesters. We can hope China will capitulate there just to focus on the new problem.

Shadow groups within shadow groups

March 14—Robert Weil on Facebook

It is sad to know of Iranian brothers and sisters in Christ who are being abused in this way. Thank you for this vital information that is not available elsewhere.

The right feminism

March 14—Christine Best Lister on Facebook

I’ve dug deeper into myself as a mother more than I ever did as a childless woman. My children’s honesty keeps me real. The ugly within me is just as powerful as the magnificent, and I saw neither fully without my children.

A socialist future?

March 14—Eddie Settles/Memphis, Tenn.

Joel Belz nailed America’s biggest difficulty in avoiding a socialist future: public education. Believers should take on the responsibility of running for or helping to elect school boards committed to restoring integrity to the system. It’s a long play but the right play.

No change allowed

March 14—Rexann Bassler on

Regarding “conversion therapy bans,” if someone wasn’t attracted to the same sex but wanted to be, would a therapist get in trouble for helping him get what he desired?

March 14—Naomi R. Bridges on Facebook

God alone heals us from sin. Conversion therapy doesn’t necessarily change the heart. We are all sinners in need of salvation.

Weak countries with big bluffs

March 14—Bob Cremer on

George Friedman presumes that people faced with adversity will accept responsibility because they realize they are men. But in The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis points out that children raised without faith in God have little reason to become men when they grow up. When hard times come, they don’t feed their children after all.

Border blowback

March 14—Jackie Parfet on

We who live on the border appreciate the work and dedication of Border Patrol agents and are often frustrated when the media portray them, instead of Congress, as the villains of this nation’s failing immigration policies.

Magical thinking all around us

March 14—Neil Evans on

Dreaming is so much easier than planning and hard work, and when the dreams don’t work out, I can always say that I had good intentions.

Peanut protection

March 14—Shari Smith on Facebook

I have a friend whose daughter was severely allergic to peanuts and is halfway through oral immunotherapy. She can now, for the first time in years, safely eat without worrying about cross-contamination.


Doug Mathews is the FBI agent featured in the documentary series  McMillions (“Stealing McMillions,” March 28, p. 27).