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Letters from our readers

The gospel according to Pete

Feb. 1—Cathy Jacobi on Facebook

Pete Buttigieg rightly points out that no political party can claim ownership of Christian faith. But that’s a separate issue from affirming the historic Christian doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture and the Bible’s clear teaching on sexuality.

—Rebecca Pearce on Facebook

I’m reading The Pilgrim’s Progress with my kids, and we just got to where Hypocrisy and Formalist climb over the wall to walk with Christian in “the Way.” Buttigieg, sadly, is trying to do the very same thing.

—Dana Brinkerhoff on Facebook

Great article on a very deceived and deceiving person.

A new look, same sound journalism

Feb. 1—Larry Nocell/Wellington, Ohio

I enjoy WORLD so much I’d read it if it were printed on a brown paper bag. But your redesign replaced your warm, sit-down-make-yourself-comfortable atmosphere with the cold, stand-in-line, keep-your-coat-on feel of a fast-food joint.

—Andrew Forrest/Dallas, Texas

I love WORLD’s redesign. I’m planning on sharing it with friends through

An evil traffic

Feb. 1—Andrew Forrest/Dallas, Texas

Reading about the genesis of Amsterdam’s red light district struck a blow to my pride in my Dutch heritage. Jenny Lind Schmitt presents the situation with compassion and empathy. I thank God for raising up Natasja Bos and Sara Lous to fight for freedom.

My turn: the three hardest words to say

Feb. 1—Steven Ungs/Loves Park, Ill.

Joel Belz’s original skepticism was well founded. The central problem with electric vehicles is energy storage. A tank of gasoline stores 100 times the energy of a gas-tank-sized lithium ion battery. Bottom line: No one has come close to inventing a battery that is the equal of good old fossil fuels.

Groundhog years in Argentina

Feb. 1—Larry De Bert on Facebook

I had hoped that President Mauricio Macri would turn Argentina’s economy around. There was so much potential and so many natural resources. But after living under a government that provided so much security despite runaway inflation, the people were not ready to tighten their belts and adopt a capitalist system.

Visual poetry

Feb. 1—Ivan Webster/New York, N.Y.

I greatly appreciate Megan Basham’s sensitive, thoughtful review of 1917. There’s poetry in this movie, and she unearths it.

Presumed guilty

Feb. 1—David Russell/Roseville, Calif.

Bob Brown wrote a nice review of Just Mercy. Several movies recently have told us we cannot trust authority, especially law enforcement. Hollywood is throwing gasoline on a fire of bigotry and selfishness that will fool many into unnecessary hatred. It’s alarming.


Susan Yim is a New York City resident who lives alone (“Renting for one,” Nov. 9, 2019). 

David Macaulay’s family moved to the United States in 1957 (“Roaming hearts,” July 19, 2019).

Rebeka Uwitonze, whose neurological disorder bent her middle fingers into her palms and deformed her feet, was 4 years old at the beginning of Her Own Two Feet. Her sponsor was Dr. Rice (“Nonfiction: Against the odds,” Feb. 29).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

The gospel according to Pete

Feb. 1Sven Trenholm on

Obama and Buttigieg are both wolves in sheep’s clothing. Each appears smart, calm, and fresh. On the surface they are winsome. But dig deeper, as this article points out, and the substance of their words is troubling. It shows how our culture is much more taken by style than substance.

Helen Christoff on Facebook

Buttigieg is a phony Christian with a heretical message, and a poster boy for the identity politics of the Democratic Party.

John Neff on Facebook

Even Satan tries to disguise himself as an angel of light. It’s amazing how some try to justify sin.

Rebecca Pearce on Facebook

Jamie Dean did a good job of laying out what Buttigieg stands for.

Steve Nutter on

The gospel according to Pete is widely accepted among theological liberals and gaining traction among compromised evangelicals. But it bears no resemblance to the gospel of Him who came to save His people from their sins, not in their sins.

A new look, same sound journalism

Feb. 1Anne Huhtala / Park Rapids, Minn.

“Disappointed” is such a weak word for my reaction to the redesign.

Don and Sharon Tammen / Renwick, Iowa

I love WORLD and applaud you for trying something new. But the new format is harder to read.

Jay Sinnett / Greenville, S.C.

I like some parts of your redesign, but I was shocked at the cover picture. Yes, the article picks apart Buttigieg’s theology, but your cover makes him look like “Man of the Year.” I know you can’t possibly be thinking that.

K. Spevacek / Surprise, Ariz.

Those pictures of Buttigieg were a little too big, but your most excellent criticism of him, based on Scripture, was much appreciated.

A reckless path

Feb. 1—Gayle Anna Johnson on Facebook

Some suggest cutting welfare and foreign aid, but that will not fix our national debt and deficit. We are going to have to cut lots of other places in the budget, including the holy grail of Social Security.

Invisible hands

Feb. 1—Rose Simmons on

I greatly respect the ethics and writing ability of Randy Alcorn, who insists on full disclosure for authorship. I have read many of his books, and they always help me to live a more joyous, thoughtful, and holy life.

Leading the gullible

Feb. 1—Nathan Gesner on Facebook

Any time big media recommends a Bible-related show, such as Netflix’s Messiah, I know it will be bad.

A long slide

Jan. 18—Greg Winchester / Milton, Ga.

Thank you for your excellent article on the long slide of Scouting. For nearly 40 years I was active as an Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster, Scout father, donor, and trustee with our local council. I am forever grateful to some, but I walked away because the organization’s leadership capitulated in the culture wars. Responsibility lies with the national board members, and the losers in this battle are the children and local leaders. I now hope that other principled organizations like Trail Life will fill the void.

Polly shares a cracker

Jan. 16—Tory Walker / Fallbrook, Calif.

Julie Borg’s piece about how African Grey parrots share took me back 42 years to when I lived in Zaire. My folks had an African Grey named Figaro, and I slowly built trust by feeding and talking to him. One day he regurgitated a peanut I had just fed him and nudged it toward me with his beak. It warmed my heart, and the Lord showed me that He also delights in me when I worship Him in spirit and truth. He certainly doesn’t need what I give him, but He loves it.

Christian and Democrat

Dec. 28—Chuck Arn / Fairfield, Ohio

The Democratic Party supports unlimited abortion and LGBTQ rights and pressures other nations to adopt the same. It opposes religious freedom while supporting activist judges, open borders, and socialism. It supports policies that make the poor dependent on government. So, what can a Christian find attractive in the Democratic Party?


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  • PB
    Posted: Fri, 03/06/2020 07:50 pm

    "The Right Feminism" by Marvin Olasky, great article (as usual) but Marvin, both my mother and yours are rolling over in their graves because of your grammar in this sentence: "she spent much of the next half-century typing memos and letters of men not as smart as her." It should be "not as smart as she (was)."  I saw the quote at the top of the page and cringed and searched for it in the article, hoping against hope that it had been corrected. Oh well.  I guess you have feet of clay just like the rest of us. In any event, I love the magazine and the podcasts and pretty much everything else about World.  Thanks for the monumental effort you all put in day after day and year after year.

    Patrice Brink
    Landenberg, PA

  •  JEFF's picture
    Posted: Mon, 03/09/2020 03:45 pm

    I've been with World since the 80's and have gone through design changes. I never really noticed them before. This one has been jarring. I find it difficult to read. The sideways comments in the center margin are terrible. Two thumbs down for this one.