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Dispatches Quotables


“I’m not turning my back on those people.”

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, on his decision to decline the Trump administration’s offer to stop resettling refugees in the state. Other GOP lawmakers in the state had sued the federal government over the refugee resettlement program.


“I call myself a bleeding-heart libertarian.” 

Musician Neil Peart, drummer and lyricist for Rush, who died at age 67 of brain cancer. In a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, Peart described his youthful interest in the writings of Ayn Rand that gave way to a different outlook. In 1997, Peart lost his 19-year-old daughter, Selena, to a car crash, and then five months later his common-law wife to cancer.


“I held on to my gun and put my head down and I tried to find a happy place, so I started singing to my daughters in my head.”

Staff Sgt. Akeem Ferguson, who was in a bunker at Al-Assad Air Base in Iraq when it came under attack by Iranian missiles on Jan. 8.


“Lost souls influenced by lost souls.”

Chart topping rap artist DaBaby, in a comment about social media. He wrote: “I encourage people to have the courage to find themselves without the false sense of security they search for on the internet.”


“I have never been discouraged because all conditions that one finds himself [in are] in the hand of God.”

Nigerian Pastor Lawan Andimi in a video appeal for his release after Boko Haram abducted him on Jan. 3 during a raid on his hometown of Michika. Andimi also is head of the Christian Association of Nigeria in northeast Adamawa state.